1.  17
    Alexis de Tocqueville o egzystencjalnym i społecznym znaczeniu religii.Krzysztof Kędziora - 2014 - Studia Philosophiae Christianae 50 (4):31-55.
  2. Foundation and Poetry. Heidegger as a Reader of Hölderlin.Francesca Brencio - 2014 - Studia Philosophiae Christianae 1 (1).
    Around 1930, Martin Heidegger approached Hölderlin’s poetry, welcoming his solicitations and hints in order to redeem the experience of the usage of language after the linguistic interruption of Being and Time that showed him the poverty of metaphysical language. Linguistic poverty is closely linked to metaphysical poverty and to the historical and destiny-related impossibility to grasp Being. From the 1930s onwards, the issue concerning the sense of Being becomes for Heidegger an issue concerning the sense of language. Heidegger appears to (...)
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