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    Review of Christopher Potts, The Logic of Conventional Implicatures.Kent Bach - 2006 - Journal of Linguistics 42 (2).
    Paul Grice warned that ‘the nature of conventional implicature needs to be examined before any free use of it, for explanatory purposes, can be indulged in’ (1978/1989: 46). Christopher Potts heeds this warning, brilliantly and boldly. Starting with a definition drawn from Grice’s few brief remarks on the subject, he distinguishes conventional implicature from other phenomena with which it might be confused, identifies a variety of common but little-studied kinds of expressions that give rise to it, and develops a formal, (...)
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    Review of Insensitive Semantics, by Herman Cappelen & Ernie Lepore. [REVIEW]Robert J. Stainton & Catherine Wearing - 2006 - Journal of Linguistics 42 (1):187-190.
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