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    Ecos de la filosofía política en informes gubernamentales sobre diversidad cultural.Karel J. Leyva - 2016 - Thémata: Revista de Filosofía 54:73-92.
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    ¿Quién Hizo Imaginar a Einstein Destellos de Luz En Las Ventanas de Los Trenes Vistos Desde Los Andenes?Marc Boqué Peña - 2016 - Thémata: Revista de Filosofía 53:63-85.
    Located at a distance of discussions that is immersed the experimental physics in the late nineteenth century's the figure of Albert Einstein emerges strongly in 1905 following the publication in his article Zur Eletrodynamik Bewegter Korper of un issue in the form of paradox that had made incompatible Galilean-Newtonian's principle of relativity and propagation of light law to date. In the first part of our paper we try to open the question presented by the young physicist on the basis of (...)
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