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    Naturalism, Human Flourishing, and Asian Philosophy: Owen Flanagan and Beyond. [REVIEW]L. K. Gustin Law - 2021 - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2021.
  2.  48
    Review of Daniel Halliday (2018) The Inheritance of Wealth (OUP). [REVIEW]Blain Neufeld - 2021 - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2021.
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  3.  59
    Meanings as Species. [REVIEW]Indrek Reiland - 2021 - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2.
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    Hobbes's On The Citizen: A Critical Guide. [REVIEW]Sandra Leonie Field - 2021 - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.
    In this review, I discuss the justifications for focussing on Hobbes's On the Citizen (De Cive), the middle recension of his political philosophy, separately from his better known Leviathan. I provide an overview of the collection's chapter contents, and I close by calling for further research regarding the impact of this text on later European political philosophy (such as Spinoza, Rousseau, Kant).
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