1.  42
    Criteria for Unconscious Cognition: Three Types of Dissociation.Thomas Schmidt & Dirk Vorberg - 2006 - Perception and Psychophysics 68 (3):489-504.
  2.  12
    The Aesthetic Appeal of Minimal Structures: Judging the Attractiveness of Solutions to Traveling Salesperson Problems.D. Vickers, M. Lee, M. Dry, P. Hughes & Jennifer A. McMahon - 2006 - Perception and Psychophysics 68 (1):32-42.
    Ormerod and Chronicle reported that optimal solutions to traveling salesperson problems were judged to be aesthetically more pleasing than poorer solutions and that solutions with more convex hull nodes were rated as better figures. To test these conclusions, solution regularity and the number of potential intersections were held constant, whereas solution optimality, the number of internal nodes, and the number of nearest neighbors in each solution were varied factorially. The results did not support the view that the convex hull is (...)
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  3. Does Attention Alter Appearance?K. A. Schneider - 2006 - Perception and Psychophysics 68:800-814.
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