1.  34
    Michael Jubien, Possibility, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009, 211 + XV Pp.1.Stephan Leuenberger - 2011 - Philosophical Books 52 (1):61-74.
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    Naturalism and Common Sense.Penelope Maddy - 2011 - Philosophical Books 52 (1):2-34.
    My topic here is metaphilosophy, the question of how philosophy is properly done. For some years now, I've been developing a particularly austere, roughly naturalistic approach to philosophical questions that I call 'second philosophy'. It has seemed to me that one effective way to convey the spirit of second philosophy is to compare and contrast it with other more familiar methods, like transcendental or therapeutic philosophy. Here I hope to pursue this sort of engagement with two other venerable schools of (...)
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  3.  64
    Alice Crary, Beyond Moral Judgment, Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2007. X + 240pp. [REVIEW]Robert Pippin - 2011 - Philosophical Books 52 (1):49-60.
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