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  1. The Dirac Equation as a Path to the Concept of Quanta, and its Role in Quantum Electrodynamics.Mario Bacelar Valente - unknown
    In this article the Dirac equation is used a guideline to see the historical emergence of the concept of quanta, associated with the quantum field. In P. Jordan’s approach, the electron as quanta results from the quantization of a classical field described by the Dirac equation. The concept of quanta becomes a central piece in the applications of the theory and is seen as fundamental in the intelegibility of the interaction between fields, being the Fock space the natural mathematical structure (...)
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  • The Importance of Heisenberg's S-Matrix Program for the Theoretical High-Energy Physics of the 1950's.James T. Cushing - 1986 - Centaurus 29 (2):110-149.
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  • QED and the Men Who Made It: Dyson, Feynman, Schwinger, and Tomonaga.Silvan S. Schweber - 1995 - British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 46 (4):624-627.
  • The Physical Principles of the Quantum Theory.Werner Heisenberg - 1930 - Chicago: Ill., The University of Chicago Press.
    The contributions of few contemporary scientists have been as far reaching in their effects as those of Nobel Laureate Werner Heisenberg.
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  • On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies.Albert Einstein - 1923 - In The Principle of Relativity. Dover Publications. pp. 35-65.
    It is known that Maxwell’s electrodynamics—as usually understood at the present time—when applied to moving bodies, leads to asymmetries which do not appear to be inherent in the phenomena. Take, for example, the reciprocal electrodynamic action of a magnet and a conductor. The observable phenomenon here depends only on the relative motion of the conductor and the magnet, whereas the customary view draws a sharp distinction between the two cases in which either the one or the other of these bodies (...)
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  • Inward Bound: Of Matter and Forces in the Physical World.Abraham Pais - 1986 - Oxford University Press.
    Abraham Pais's Subtle Is the Lord was a publishing phenomenon: a mathematically sophisticated exposition of the science and the life of Albert Einstein that reached a huge audience and won an American Book Award. Reviewers hailed the book as "a monument to sound scholarship and graceful style", "an extraordinary biography of an extraordinary man", and "a fine book". In this groundbreaking new volume, Pais undertakes a history of the physics of matter and of physical forces since the discovery of x-rays. (...)
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  • The Beat of a Different Drum: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman.Alasdair Urquhart & Jagdish Mehra - 1997 - International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 11 (3).