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  1. Some Combinatorial Problems Concerning Uncountable Cardinals.Thomas J. Jech - 1973 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 5 (3):165.
  • On a Combinatorial Property of Menas Related to the Partition Property for Measures on Supercompact Cardinals.Kenneth Kunen & Donald H. Pelletier - 1983 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 48 (2):475-481.
    T. K. Menas [4, pp. 225-234] introduced a combinatorial property χ (μ) of a measure μ on a supercompact cardinal κ and proved that measures with this property also have the partition property. We prove here that Menas' property is not equivalent to the partition property. We also show that if α is the least cardinal greater than κ such that P κ α bears a measure without the partition property, then α is inaccessible and Π 2 1 -indescribable.
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  • Notes on Subtlety and Ineffability in P Κ Λ.Yoshihiro Abe - 2005 - Archive for Mathematical Logic 44 (5):619-631.
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  • The Higher Infinite Large Cardinals in Set Theory From Their Beginnings.Akihiro Kanamori - 1994