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Kent Bach (1994). Conversational Impliciture.

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  1. Philosophy Without Ambiguity: A Logico-Linguistic Essay.Jay David Atlas - 1989 - Oxford University Press.
    This book expounds and defends a new conception of the relation between truth and meaning. Atlas argues that the sense of a sense-general sentence radically underdetermines its truth-conditional content. He applies this linguistic analysis to illuminate old and new philosophical problems of meaning, truth, falsity, negation, existence, presupposition, and implicature. In particular, he demonstrates how the concept of ambiguity has been misused and confused with other concepts of meaning, and how the interface between semantics and pragmatics has been misunderstood. The (...)
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    Negation, Ambiguity, and Presupposition.Jay David Atlas - 1977 - Linguistics and Philosophy 1 (3):321 - 336.
    In this paper I argue for the Atlas-Kempson Thesis that sentences of the form The A is not B are not ambiguous but rather semantically general (Quine), non-specific (Zwicky and Sadock), or vague (G. Lakoff). This observation refutes the 1970 Davidson-Harman hypothesis that underlying structures, as full semantic representations, are logical forms. It undermines the conception of semantical presupposition, removes a support for the existence of truth-value gaps for presuppositional sentences (the remaining arguments for which are viciously circular), and lifts (...)
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  3. How to Do Things with Words.J. L. Austin - 1962 - Clarendon Press.
    For this second edition, the editors have returned to Austin's original lecture notes, amending the printed text where it seemed necessary.
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  4. Intentions and Demonstrations.Kent Bach - 1992 - Analysis 52 (3):140--146.
    MARGA REIMER has forcefully challenged David Kaplan's recent claim ([3], pp. 582-4) that demonstrative gestures, in connnection with uses of demonstrative expressions, are without semantic significance and function merely as 'aids to communication', and that speaker intentions are what determine the demonstratum. Against this Reimer argues that demonstrations can and do play an essential semantic role and that the role of intentions is marginal at best. That is, together with the linguistic meaning of the demonstrative phrase being used, an act (...)
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    Thought and Reference.Kent Bach - 1987 - Oxford University Press.
    Presenting a novel account of singular thought, a systematic application of recent work in the theory of speech acts, and a partial revival of Russell's analysis of singular terms, this book takes an original approach to the perennial problems of reference and singular terms by separating the underlying issues into different levels of analysis.
  6.  57
    On Communicative Intentions: A Reply to Recanti.Kent Bach - 1987 - Mind and Language 2 (2):141-154.
  7.  97
    Default Reasoning: Jumping to Conclusions and Knowing When to Think Twice.Kent Bach - 1984 - Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 65 (1):37.
    Look before you leap. - Proverb. He who hesitates is lost. - Another proverb.
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  8.  44
    Semantic Nonspecificity and Mixed Quantifiers.Kent Bach - 1980 - Linguistics and Philosophy 4 (4):593 - 605.
  9. Linguistic Communication and Speech Acts.Kent Bach & Robert M. Harnish - 1979 - Cambridge: MIT Press.
  10. Semantic Constraints on Relevance.Diane Blakemore - 1987 - Blackwell.
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  11. Implicature, Explicature, and Truth-Theoretic Semantics.Robyn Carston - 1988 - In Ruth M. Kempson (ed.), Mental representations: The interface between language and reality. Cambridge Univ. Press. pp. 155–181.
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  12.  5
    Being Explicit.Robyn Carston - 1987 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 10 (4):713.
  13. Knowledge of Language.Noam Chomsky - 1986 - Prager.
  14. Utterer's Meaning, Sentence-Meaning, and Word-Meaning.H. P. Grice - 1968 - Foundations of Language 4 (3):225-242.
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  15.  61
    Symposium: The Causal Theory of Perception.H. P. Grice & Alan R. White - 1961 - Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume 35:121 - 168.
  16. Studies in the Way of Words.H. Paul Grice - 1989 - Cambridge: Harvard University Press.
  17. Utterer’s Meaning and Intentions.H. Paul Grice - 1969 - Philosophical Review 78 (2):147-177.
  18. A Natural History of Negation.Laurence Horn - 1989 - University of Chicago Press.
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  19.  24
    Mental Representations-the Interface Between Language and Reality.Ruth Kempson (ed.) - 1988 - Cambridge University Press.
    This dynamic collection provides an overview of the relationship between linguistic form and interpretation as exemplified by the most influential of these ...
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  20. Direct Reference: From Language to Thought.François Recanati - 1993 - Blackwell.
    This volume puts forward a distinct new theory of direct reference, blending insights from both the Fregean and the Russellian traditions, and fitting the general theory of language understanding used by those working on the pragmatics of natural language.
  21. The Pragmatics of What is Said.François Recanati - 1989 - Mind and Language 4 (4):295-329.
  22. Elements of Symbolic Logic.Hans Reichenbach - 1947 - London: Dover Publications.
  23.  39
    Relevance.D. Sperber & D. Wilson - 1995 - Blackwell.
    This revised edition includes a new Preface outlining developments in Relevance Theory since 1986, discussing the more serious criticisms of the theory, and ...
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