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  1. Do Threatening Stimuli Draw or Hold Visual Attention in Subclinical Anxiety?Elaine Fox, Riccardo Russo, Robert Bowles & Kevin Dutton - 2001 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 130 (4):681.
  • Fears, Phobias and Preparedness: Toward an Evolved Module of Fear and Fear Learning.Arne Öhman & Susan Mineka - 2001 - Psychological Review 108 (3):483-522.
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  • Social and Emotional Relevance in Face Processing: Happy Faces of Future Interaction Partners Enhance the Late Positive Potential.Florian Bublatzky, Antje B. M. Gerdes, Andrew J. White, Martin Riemer & Georg W. Alpers - 2014 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8.
  • The Distributed Human Neural System for Face Perception.Elizabeth A. Hoffman, M. Ida Gobbini & James V. Haxby - 2000 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 4 (6):223-233.
    Face perception, perhaps the most highly developed visual skill in humans, is mediated by a distributed neural system in humans that is comprised of multiple, bilateral regions. We propose a model for the organization of this system that emphasizes a distinction between the representation of invariant and changeable aspects of faces. The representation of invariant aspects of faces underlies the recognition of individuals, whereas the representation of changeable aspects of faces, such as eye gaze, expression, and lip movement, underlies the (...)
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  • What is "Special" About Face Perception?Martha J. Farah, Kevin D. Wilson, Maxwell Drain & James N. Tanaka - 1998 - Psychological Review 105 (3):482-498.
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