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  1. Niels Bohr’s Generalization of Classical Mechanics.Peter Bokulich - 2005 - Foundations of Physics 35 (3):347-371.
    We clarify Bohr’s interpretation of quantum mechanics by demonstrating the central role played by his thesis that quantum theory is a rational generalization of classical mechanics. This thesis is essential for an adequate understanding of his insistence on the indispensability of classical concepts, his account of how the quantum formalism gets its meaning, and his belief that hidden variable interpretations are impossible.
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  • Can Quantum-Mechanical Description of Physical Reality Be Considered Complete?Niels Bohr - 1935 - Physical Review 48 (696--702):696--702.
  • The Quantum Postulate and the Recent Development of Atomic Theory.Niels Bohr - 1928 - Nature 121:580--590.
  • Wave-Particle Duality of Single-Photon States.Partha Ghose & Dipankar Home - 1992 - Foundations of Physics 22 (12):1435-1447.
    We review the present status of wave-particle duality of single-photon states in the context of some recent experiments. In particular, Bohr's complementarity principle is critically reexamined. It is explained in detail how this principle is confronted in these experiments and how a contradiction with the notion of “mutual exclusiveness” of classical wave and particle pictures emerges.
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