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Mary-Ellen Boyle (2007). Learning to Neighbor? Service-Learning in Context.

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  1. Habits of the Heart: Individualism and Commitment in American Life.Robert N. Bellah, Richard Madsen, William M. Sullivan, Ann Swidler & Steven M. Tipton - 1986 - Ethics 96 (2):431-432.
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    University-Business Partnerships: An Assessment.Norman E. Bowie - 1994 - Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
    This work assesses the ethical issues arising from the proliferation of university-business partnerships. Bowie pays special attention to the question of whether such partnerships are consistent with the values of higher education, and examines procedures for protecting university values. The work concludes with an extensive section of readings, including articles by David Noble, Nicholas Wade, and Albert Gore, Jr.; copies of historical documents and case studies; and copies of conflict of interest statements from leading universities.
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    Walking Our Talk: Business Schools, Legitimacy, and Citizenship.Mary-Ellen Boyle - 2004 - Business and Society 43 (1):37-68.
  4. Business Citizenship: From Domestic to Global Level of Analysis.Jeanne M. Logsdon & Donna J. Wood - 2002 - Business Ethics Quarterly 12 (2):155-188.
    Abstract: In this article we first review the development of the concept of global business citizenship and show how the libertarian political philosophy of free-market capitalism must give way to a communitarian view in order for the voluntaristic, local notion of “corporate citizenship” to take root. We then distinguish the concept of global business citizenship from “corporate citizenship” by showing how the former concept requires a transition from communitarian thinking to a position of universal human rights. In addition, we link (...)
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  5. The Hidden Curriculum.Benson R. Snyder - 1970 - Cambridge: Mass., Mit Press.
  6. Social Relations in a Secondary School.Lawrence Stenhouse & David H. Hargreaves - 1968 - British Journal of Educational Studies 16 (1):81.
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    Managing Ethics in Business Organizations: Social Scientific Perspectives.Linda Klebe Treviño - 2003 - Stanford Business Books.
    This book broadens the range of theoretically informed empirical research on business ethics (using data from major American corporations) and addresses the underlying questions about business ethics scholarship. It culminates a decade’s work by the authors—individually, jointly, and with others. The first part of the book addresses the major theoretical questions involved in doing empirical research about normative issues. It addresses the boundaries—methodological, conceptual, and institutional—that too easily separate philosophical and social scientific approaches to business ethics and reviews various ways (...)
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    Meta-Learning About Business Ethics: Building Honorable Business School Communities. [REVIEW]Linda Klebe Trevino & Donald McCabe - 1994 - Journal of Business Ethics 13 (6):405 - 416.
    We propose extending business ethics education beyond the formal curriculum to the hidden curriculum where messages about ethics and values are implicitly sent and received. In this meta-learning approach, students learn by becoming active participants in an honorable business school community where real ethical issues are openly discussed and acted upon. When combined with formal ethics instruction, this meta-learning approach provides a framework for a proposed comprehensive program of business ethics education.
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