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  1. Foundations of Constructive Analysis.John Myhill - 1972 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 37 (4):744-747.
  • Elements of Intuitionism.Michael Dummett - 1977 - Oxford University Press.
    This is a long-awaited new edition of one of the best known Oxford Logic Guides. The book gives an introduction to intuitionistic mathematics, leading the reader gently through the fundamental mathematical and philosophical concepts. The treatment of various topics, for example Brouwer's proof of the Bar Theorem, valuation systems, and the completeness of intuitionistic first-order logic, have been completely revised.
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  • Constructive Set Theory.John Myhill - 1975 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 40 (3):347-382.
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  • Foundations of Constructive Mathematics.Michael J. Beeson - 1987 - Studia Logica 46 (4):398-399.
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  • Constructivism in Mathematics: An Introduction.A. S. Troelstra - 1988 - Elsevier.
    Provability, Computability and Reflection.
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  • Generalising Compactness.Hannes Diener - 2008 - Mathematical Logic Quarterly 54 (1):49-57.
    Working within the framework of Bishop's constructive mathematics, we will show that it is possible to define compactness in a more general setting than that of uniform spaces. It is also shown that it is not possible to do this in a topological space.
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  • Constructive Analysis.Errett Bishop & Douglas Bridges - 1987 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 52 (4):1047-1048.
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