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Sarah-Jane Brown (2018). Autonomy, Trust and Ante-Mortem Interventions to Facilitate Organ Donation.

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    Trust and the Duty of Organ Donation.Ben Almassi - 2014 - Bioethics 28 (6):275-283.
    Several recent publications in biomedical ethics argue that organ donation is generally morally obligatory and failure to do so is morally indefensible. Arguments for this moral conclusion tend to be of two kinds: arguments from fairness and arguments from easy rescue. While I agree that many of us have a duty to donate, in this article I criticize these arguments for a general duty of organ donation and their application to organ procurement policy. My concern is that these arguments neglect (...)
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  2. Trust and Antitrust.Annette Baier - 1986 - Ethics 96 (2):231-260.
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    The Ethics of Elective (Non-Therapeutic) Ventilation.Alister Browne, Grant Gillet & Martin Tweeddale - 2000 - Bioethics 14 (1):42–57.
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    Trust and Altruism--Organ Distribution Scandals: Do They Provide Good Reasons to Refuse Posthumous Donation?A. Dufner & J. Harris - 2015 - Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 40 (3):328-341.
    A recent organ distribution scandal in Germany raises questions of general importance on which many thousands of lives may well depend. The scandal in Germany has produced reactions that are likely to occur whenever and wherever distribution irregularities occur and become public knowledge. After it had become known that physicians in three German hospitals were in the habit of manipulating records in order to fast-track their patients’ cases, the country experienced a decrease of available organs by a staggering 40% in (...)
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  5. Trust and Distrust Between Patient and Doctor.Katherine Jane Hawley - unknown
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    Trust and Distrust Between Patient and Doctor.Katherine Jane Hawley - 2015 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 21 (5):798-801.
    To trust someone is to have expectations of their behaviour; distrust often involves disappointed expectations. But healthy trust and distrust require a good understanding of which expectations are reasonable, and which are not. In this paper, I discuss the limits of trustworthiness by drawing on recent studies of trust in the context of defensive medicine, biobanking and cardiopulmonary resuscitation decisions.
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  7. Why Value Autonomy?Thomas Hurka - 1987 - Social Theory and Practice 13 (3):361-382.
  8. Trust and Power.Niklas Luhmann - 1982 - Studies in Soviet Thought 23 (3):266-270.
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    Optimizing Donor Potential in the UK.P. G. Murphy - 2011 - Clinical Ethics 6 (3):127-133.
    Rates of deceased organ donation in the UK fall well short of those reported from other parts of the world, and result in unnecessary deaths and avoidable morbidity. A particular feature of the UK problem is that its total potential for donation is lower than the actual number of donors reported in the highest-donating countries. This implies that while the identification, referral and conversion of recognized potential deceased donors is an important component of any strategic effort to increase donation, more (...)
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    The Value of Autonomy.Robert Young - 1982 - Philosophical Quarterly 32 (126):35-44.