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  1. Consistency Results About Ordinal Definability.Kenneth McAloon - 1971 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 2 (4):449.
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  • Gap Forcing: Generalizing the Lévy-Solovay Theorem.Joel David Hamkins - 1999 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 5 (2):264-272.
    The Lévy-Solovay Theorem [8] limits the kind of large cardinal embeddings that can exist in a small forcing extension. Here I announce a generalization of this theorem to a broad new class of forcing notions. One consequence is that many of the forcing iterations most commonly found in the large cardinal literature create no new weakly compact cardinals, measurable cardinals, strong cardinals, Woodin cardinals, strongly compact cardinals, supercompact cardinals, almost huge cardinals, huge cardinals, and so on.
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  • The Lottery Preparation.Joel David Hamkins - 2000 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 101 (2-3):103-146.
    The lottery preparation, a new general kind of Laver preparation, works uniformly with supercompact cardinals, strongly compact cardinals, strong cardinals, measurable cardinals, or what have you. And like the Laver preparation, the lottery preparation makes these cardinals indestructible by various kinds of further forcing. A supercompact cardinal κ, for example, becomes fully indestructible by <κ-directed closed forcing; a strong cardinal κ becomes indestructible by κ-strategically closed forcing; and a strongly compact cardinal κ becomes indestructible by, among others, the forcing to (...)
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  • Large Cardinals and Gap-1 Morasses.Andrew D. Brooke-Taylor & Sy-David Friedman - 2009 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 159 (1-2):71-99.
    We present a new partial order for directly forcing morasses to exist that enjoys a significant homogeneity property. We then use this forcing in a reverse Easton iteration to obtain an extension universe with morasses at every regular uncountable cardinal, while preserving all n-superstrong , hyperstrong and 1-extendible cardinals. In the latter case, a preliminary forcing to make the GCH hold is required. Our forcing yields morasses that satisfy an extra property related to the homogeneity of the partial order; we (...)
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  • Large Cardinals and Locally Defined Well-Orders of the Universe.David Asperó & Sy-David Friedman - 2009 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 157 (1):1-15.
    By forcing over a model of with a class-sized partial order preserving this theory we produce a model in which there is a locally defined well-order of the universe; that is, one whose restriction to all levels H is a well-order of H definable over the structure H, by a parameter-free formula. Further, this forcing construction preserves all supercompact cardinals as well as all instances of regular local supercompactness. It is also possible to define variants of this construction which, in (...)
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  • Squares, Scales and Stationary Reflection.James Cummings, Matthew Foreman & Menachem Magidor - 2001 - Journal of Mathematical Logic 1 (01):35-98.
  • The Wholeness Axioms and V=HOD.Joel David Hamkins - 2001 - Archive for Mathematical Logic 40 (1):1-8.
    If the Wholeness Axiom wa $_0$ is itself consistent, then it is consistent with v=hod. A consequence of the proof is that the various Wholeness Axioms are not all equivalent. Additionally, the theory zfc+wa $_0$ is finitely axiomatizable.
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  • [Omnibus Review].Thomas Jech - 1992 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 57 (1):261-262.
    Reviewed Works:John R. Steel, A. S. Kechris, D. A. Martin, Y. N. Moschovakis, Scales on $\Sigma^1_1$ Sets.Yiannis N. Moschovakis, Scales on Coinductive Sets.Donald A. Martin, John R. Steel, The Extent of Scales in $L$.John R. Steel, Scales in $L$.
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  • [Omnibus Review].Akihiro Kanamori - 1981 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 46 (4):864-866.
  • [Omnibus Review].Kenneth Kunen - 1969 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 34 (3):515-516.