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  1. Throwing Like a Girl: A Phenomenology of Feminine Body Comportment Motility and Spatiality.Iris Marion Young - 1980 - Human Studies 3 (1):137 - 156.
  • The Subjectivity of the Human Body.R. M. Zaner - 1967 - Philosophical Explorations.
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  • Personal Knowledge.Michael Polanyi - 1958 - Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
    In this work the distinguished physical chemist and philosopher, Michael Polanyi, demonstrates that the scientist's personal participation in his knowledge, in ...
  • Objectification.Martha C. Nussbaum - 1995 - Philosophy and Public Affairs 24 (4):249-291.
  • Race: A Philosophical Introduction.Paul C. Taylor - 2003 - Polity.
    Paul C. Taylor provides an accessible guide to a well-travelled but still-mysterious area of the contemporary social landscape. The result is the first philosophical introduction to the field of race theory and to a non-biological and situational notion of race. Provides the first philosophical introduction to the field of race theory. Outlines the main features and implications of race-thinking; asks questions such as: What is race-thinking? Don’t we know better than to talk about race now? Are there any races? What (...)
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  • The Rejected Body: Feminist Philosophical Reflections on Disability.Susan Wendell - 1996 - Routledge.
    The Rejected Body argues that feminist theorizing has been skewed toward non-disabled experience, and that the knowledge of people with disabilities must be integrated into feminist ethics, discussions of bodily life, and criticism of the cognitive and social authority of medicine. Among the topics it addresses are who should be identified as disabled; whether disability is biomedical, social or both; what causes disability and what could 'cure' it; and whether scientific efforts to eliminate disabling physical conditions are morally justified. Wendell (...)
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  • The Absent Body.Drew Leder - 1990 - University of Chicago Press.
    We are even less aware of our internal organs and the physiological processes that keep us alive. In this fascinating work, Drew Leder examines all the ways in which the body is absent—forgotten, alien, uncontrollable, obscured.
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  • White (Pp. 457-468).R. Dyer - 1999 - In Jessica Evans & Stuart Hall (eds.), Visual Culture: The Reader. Sage Publications in Association with the Open University.
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