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  1. On Appreciating Agricultural Landscapes.Allen Carlson - 1985 - Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 43 (3):301-312.
  • Nature, Aesthetic Appreciation, and Knowledge.Allen Carlson - 1995 - Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 53 (4):393-400.
  • Nature, Aesthetic Judgment, and Objectivity.Allen Carlson - 1981 - Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 40 (1):15-27.
  • Appreciation and the Natural Environment.Allen Carlson - 1979 - Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 37 (3):267-275.
  • Is Environmental Art an Aesthetic Affront to Nature?Allen Carlson - 1986 - Canadian Journal of Philosophy 16 (4):635 - 650.
    In this discussion I consider one aesthetic issue which arises from certain intimate relationships between art and nature. The background to these relationships can be traced to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. It includes factors of considerable importance in the history of the aesthetic appreciation of nature such as the eighteenth century infatuation with landscape gardening and the continuingly influential role of landscape painting. Here, however, I concentrate on these relationships only as exemplified in a contemporary phenomenon – environmental art. (...)
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  • Nature and Positive Aesthetics.Allen Carlson - 1984 - Environmental Ethics 6 (1):5-34.
    Positive aesthetics holds that the natural environment, insofar as it is unaffected by man, has only positive aesthetic qualities and value-that virgin nature is essentially beautiful. In spite of the initial implausibility of this position, it is nonetheless suggested by many individuals who have given serious thought to the natural environment and to environmental philosophy. Certain attempts to defend theposition involve claiming either that it is not implausible because our appreciation of nature is not genuinely aesthetic, or that the position (...)
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  • Philosophy and Architecture.Michael H. Mitias (ed.) - 1994 - Rodopi.
    Contents: PART I: AESTHETICS OF ARCHITECTURE: QUESTIONS. Francis SPARSHOTT: The Aesthetics of Architecture and the Politics of Space. Arnold BERLEANT: Architecture and the Aesthetics of Continuity. Stephen DAVIES: Is Architecture Art? PART II: NATURE OF ARCHITECTURE. B.R. TILGHMAN: Architecture, Expression, and the Understanding of a Culture. David NOVITZ: Architectural Brilliance and the Constraints of Time. Michael H. MITIAS: Expression in Architecture. Ralf WEBER: The Myth of Meaningful Forms. Michael H. MITIAS: Is Meaning in Architecture a Myth? A Response to Ralf (...)
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  • Environmental Aesthetics and the Dilemma of Aesthetic Education.Allen Carlson - 1976 - Journal of Aesthetic Education 10 (2):69.
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  • Living in the Landscape: Towards an Aesthetics of Environment.Arnold Berleant - 1998 - Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 56 (3):302-303.
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  • Reconsidering the Aesthetics of Architecture.Allen Carlson - 1986 - Journal of Aesthetic Education 20 (4):21.
  • On the Aesthetic Appreciation of Japanese Gardens.Allen Carlson - 1997 - British Journal of Aesthetics 37 (1):47-56.
  • Architecture and Civilization.Michael Mitias - 2001 - Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 59 (1):115-117.
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