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Adam Cureton (2016). Unity of Reasons.

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    Making Room for Rules.Adam Cureton - 2015 - Philosophical Studies 172 (3):737-759.
    Kantian moral theories must explain how their most basic moral values of dignity and autonomy should be interpreted and applied to human conditions. One place Kantians should look for inspiration is, surprisingly, the utilitarian tradition and its emphasis on generally accepted, informally enforced, publicly known moral rules of the sort that help us give assurances, coordinate our behavior, and overcome weak wills. Kantians have tended to ignore utilitarian discussions of such rules mostly because they regard basic moral principles as a (...)
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  2. The Practical Turn in Ethical Theory: Korsgaard's Constructivism, Realism, and the Nature of Normativity.William J. FitzPatrick - 2005 - Ethics 115 (4):651-691.
  3. Kantian Constructivism in Ethics.Thomas E. Hill Jr - 1989 - Ethics 99 (4):752-770.
  4. Why Be Rational?Niko Kolodny - 2005 - Mind 114 (455):509-563.
    Normativity involves two kinds of relation. On the one hand, there is the relation of being a reason for. This is a relation between a fact and an attitude. On the other hand, there are relations specified by requirements of rationality. These are relations among a person's attitudes, viewed in abstraction from the reasons for them. I ask how the normativity of rationality—the sense in which we ‘ought’ to comply with requirements of rationality—is related to the normativity of reasons—the sense (...)
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  5. Practical Reason and the Possibility of Error.Douglas Lavin - 2004 - Ethics 114 (3):424-457.
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  6. Constructivism VS. Contractualism.Onora O'Neill - 2003 - Ratio 16 (4):319–331.
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    Towards Justice and Virtue.Onora O'neill - 1999 - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 59 (4):1103-1105.
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  8. Structural Irrationality.Thomas Scanlon - 2007 - In Geoffrey Brennan, Robert Goodin, Frank Jackson & Michael Smith (eds.), Common Minds: Themes From the Philosophy of Philip Pettit. Clarendon Press.
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  9. Constructivism About Reasons.Sharon Street - 2008 - Oxford Studies in Metaethics 3:207-45.
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