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D. Smilek, A. CAllejas, M. Dixon & P. Merikle (2007). Ovals of Time: Time-Space Associations in Synaesthesia.

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    Five Plus Two Equals Yellow: Mental Arithmetic in People with Synaesthesia is Not Coloured by Visual Experience.M. Dixon, Daniel Smilek, C. Cudahy & Philip M. Merikle - 2000 - Nature 406.
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  2. Individual Differences Among Grapheme-Color Synesthetes: Brain-Behavior Correlations.Edward M. Hubbard, A. Cyrus Arman, Vilayanur S. Ramachandran & Geoffrey M. Boynton - 2005 - Neuron 5 (6):975-985.
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  3. Unconscious Priming Eliminates Automatic Binding of Colour and Alphanumeric Form in Synaesthesia.Jason B. Mattingley, Anina N. Rich, Greg Yelland & John L. Bradshaw - 2001 - Nature 410 (6828):580-582.
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    Psychophysical Investigations Into the Neural Basis of Synaesthesia.Vilayanur S. Ramachandran & Edward M. Hubbard - 2001 - Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, B 268:979-983.
    We studied two otherwise normal, synaesthetic subjects who `saw' a speci¢c colour every time they saw a speci¢c number or letter. We conducted four experiments in order to show that this was a genuine perceptual experience rather than merely a memory association. (i)The synaesthetically induced colours could lead to perceptual grouping, even though the inducing numerals or letters did not. (ii)Synaesthetically induced colours were not experienced if the graphemes were presented peripherally. (iii)Roman numerals were ine¡ective: the actual number grapheme was (...)
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  5. What is the Relationship Between Synaesthesia and Visuo-Spatial Number Forms?Noam Sagiv, Julia Simner, James Collins, Brian Butterworth & Jamie Ward - 2006 - Cognition 101 (1):114-28.