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  1. Der Satz Vom Grund.Martin Heidegger - 1957 - G. Neske.
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  • De la Grammatologie.Jacques Derrida - 1967 - Editions de Minuit.
    Ce livre est donc voué à la bizarrerie. Mais c'est qu'à accorder tout son soin à l'écriture, il la soumet à une réévaluation radicale. Et les voies sont nécessairement extravagantes lorsqu'il importe d'excéder, pour en penser la possibilité, ce qui se donne pour la logique elle-même - celle qui doit déterminer les rapports de la parole et de l'écriture en se rassurant dans l'évidence du sens commun, dans les catégories de 'représentation' ou 'd'image', dans l'opposition du dedans et du dehors, (...)
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  • Le Problème de la Genèse Dans la Philosophie de Husserl.Jacques Derrida - 1990 - Presses Universitaires de France - PUF.
  • Practical Philosophy.Immanuel Kant - 1996 - Cambridge University Press.
    This is the first English translation of all of Kant's writings on moral and political philosophy collected in a single volume. No other collection competes with the comprehensiveness of this one. As well as Kant's most famous moral and political writings, the Groundwork to the Metaphysics of Morals, the Critique of Practical Reason, the Metaphysics of Morals, and Toward Perpetual Peace, the volume includes shorter essays and reviews, some of which have never been translated before. The volume has been furnished (...)
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  • Plato: Complete Works.J. Cooper (ed.) - 1997 - Hackett.
    Outstanding translations by leading contemporary scholars--many commissioned especially for this volume--are presented here in the first single edition to include the entire surviving corpus of works attributed to Plato in antiquity. In his introductory essay, John Cooper explains the presentation of these works, discusses questions concerning the chronology of their composition, comments on the dialogue form in which Plato wrote, and offers guidance on approaching the reading and study of Plato's works. Also included are concise introductions by Cooper and Hutchinson (...)
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  • Between the She-Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood: The Figure of the Girl in Derrida's The Beast and The Sovereign.Kelly Oliver - 2011 - Derrida Today 4 (2):257-280.
    This essay explores the important role played by the figure of the virgin girl at the centre of The Beast and The Sovereign. Derrida hints that she may offer a figure between the beast and the sovereign, between the two marionettes of Nature and Culture. Moreover, it seems that she is both what props up the fabled distinction between man and animal and at the same time that upon which man erects himself as sovereign lord and master. Taking Derrida's suggestions (...)
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