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  1. Models with Second Order Properties II. Trees with No Undefined Branches.Saharon Shelah - 1978 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 14 (1):73.
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  • The Structure of Models of Peano Arithmetic.Roman Kossak & James Schmerl - 2006 - Clarendon Press.
    Aimed at graduate students, research logicians and mathematicians, this much-awaited text covers over 40 years of work on relative classification theory for nonstandard models of arithmetic. The book covers basic isomorphism invariants: families of type realized in a model, lattices of elementary substructures and automorphism groups.
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  • Set Theory.Keith J. Devlin - 1981 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 46 (4):876-877.
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  • Deflationism and Tarski’s Paradise.Jeffrey Ketland - 1999 - Mind 108 (429):69-94.
    Deflationsism about truth is a pot-pourri, variously claiming that truth is redundant, or is constituted by the totality of 'T-sentences', or is a purely logical device (required solely for disquotational purposes or for re-expressing finitarily infinite conjunctions and/or disjunctions). In 1980, Hartry Field proposed what might be called a 'deflationary theory of mathematics', in which it is alleged that all uses of mathematics within science are dispensable. Field's criterion for the dispensability of mathematics turns on a property of theories, called (...)
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  • Conservativity for Theories of Compositional Truth Via Cut Elimination.Graham E. Leigh - 2015 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 80 (3):845-865.
  • Models of Peano Arithmetic.Richard Kaye - 1991 - Clarendon Press.
  • Levity.Leon Horsten - 2009 - Mind 118 (471):555-581.
    In this article, the prospects of deflationism about the concept of truth are investigated. A new version of deflationism, called inferential deflationism, is articulated and defended. It is argued that it avoids the pitfalls of earlier deflationist views such as Horwich’s minimalist theory of truth and Field’s version of deflationism.
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  • Proof and Truth: Through Thick and Thin.Stewart Shapiro - 1998 - Journal of Philosophy 95 (10):493-521.
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  • Deflationist Views of Meaning and Content.Hartry Field - 1994 - Mind 103 (411):249-285.
  • Relative Truth Definability of Axiomatic Truth Theories.Kentaro Fujimoto - 2010 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 16 (3):305-344.
    The present paper suggests relative truth definability as a tool for comparing conceptual aspects of axiomatic theories of truth and gives an overview of recent developments of axiomatic theories of truth in the light of it. We also show several new proof-theoretic results via relative truth definability including a complete answer to the conjecture raised by Feferman in [13].
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  • Nonstandard Definability.Stuart T. Smith - 1989 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 42 (1):21-43.
    We investigate the notion of definability with respect to a full satisfaction class σ for a model M of Peano arithmetic. It is shown that the σ-definable subsets of M always include a class which provides a satisfaction definition for standard formulas. Such a class is necessarily proper, therefore there exist recursively saturated models with no full satisfaction classes. Nonstandard extensions of overspill and recursive saturation are utilized in developing a criterion for nonstandard definability. Finally, these techniques yield some information (...)
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  • [Omnibus Review].Thomas Jech - 1992 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 57 (1):261-262.
    Reviewed Works:John R. Steel, A. S. Kechris, D. A. Martin, Y. N. Moschovakis, Scales on $\Sigma^1_1$ Sets.Yiannis N. Moschovakis, Scales on Coinductive Sets.Donald A. Martin, John R. Steel, The Extent of Scales in $L$.John R. Steel, Scales in $L$.
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  • Axiomatic Theories of Truth.Volker Halbach - 2008 - Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
    Definitional and axiomatic theories of truth -- Objects of truth -- Tarski -- Truth and set theory -- Technical preliminaries -- Comparing axiomatic theories of truth -- Disquotation -- Classical compositional truth -- Hierarchies -- Typed and type-free theories of truth -- Reasons against typing -- Axioms and rules -- Axioms for type-free truth -- Classical symmetric truth -- Kripke-Feferman -- Axiomatizing Kripke's theory in partial logic -- Grounded truth -- Alternative evaluation schemata -- Disquotation -- Classical logic -- Deflationism (...)
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