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John Martin Fischer (2013). Abortion and Ownership.

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  1. Voluntary Euthanasia and the Inalienable Right to Life.Joel Feinberg - 1978 - Philosophy and Public Affairs 7 (2):93-123.
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    Abortion, Autonomy, and Control Over One's Body.John Martin Fischer - 2003 - Social Philosophy and Policy 20 (2):286-306.
    It is often thought that if a developing human being is considered a “person” from the beginning, then it would follow that abortion would be impermissible. For, after all, a person has a stringent right to life, and because life is a prerequisite for enjoying any other goods, it is plausible that the right to life is a “basic” or “fundamental” one, not easily overridden by other considerations. The right to life, it would seem, could not be outweighed by another (...)
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    Abortion and Self-Determination.John Martin Fischer - 1991 - Journal of Social Philosophy 22 (2):5-11.
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  4. Beginning Lives.Rosalind Hursthouse - 1992 - Noûs 26 (1):134-137.
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  5. Famine, Affluence, and Morality.Peter Singer - 1972 - Philosophy and Public Affairs 1 (3):229-243.
    As I write this, in November 1971, people are dying in East Bengal from lack of food, shelter, and medical caxc. The suffering and death that are occurring there now axe not inevitable, 1101; unavoidable in any fatalistic sense of the term. Constant poverty, a cyclone, and a civil war have turned at least nine million people into destitute refugees; nevertheless, it is not beyond Lhe capacity of the richer nations to give enough assistance to reduce any further suffering to (...)
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    Rights and Compensation.Judith Jarvis Thomson - 1980 - Noûs 14 (1):3-15.
  7. A Defense of Abortion.Judith Jarvis Thomson - 1971 - Philosophy and Public Affairs 1 (1):47-66.
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