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  1. Ontological Relativity and Other Essays.Willard van Orman Quine - unknown
    Ontological. Relativity. and. Other. Essays. W. V. QUINE This volume consists of the first of the John Dewey Lectures delivered under the auspices of Columbia University's Philosophy Department as well as other essays by the author.
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  • The Iterative Conception of Set.George Boolos - 1971 - Journal of Philosophy 68 (8):215-231.
  • Set Theory with a Universal Set.A. Church - 1977 - International Logic Review 15:11.
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  • On the Consistency of a Positive Theory.Olivier Esser - 1999 - Mathematical Logic Quarterly 45 (1):105-116.
    In positive theories, we have an axiom scheme of comprehension for positive formulas. We study here the “generalized positive” theory GPK∞+. Natural models of this theory are hyperuniverses. The author has shown in [2] that GPK∞+ interprets the Kelley Morse class theory. Here we prove that GPK∞+ + ACWF and the Kelley-Morse class theory with the axiom of global choice and the axiom “On is ramifiable” are mutually interpretable. This shows that GPK∞+ + ACWF is a “strong” theory since “On (...)
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  • Speaking of Objects.W. V. Quine - 1959 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 24 (3):268-269.
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  • Speaking of Objects.W. V. Quine - 1957 - Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association 31 (3):5 - 22.