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  1. Rationality and Logic.Robert Hanna - 2006 - Bradford.
    In Rationality and Logic, Robert Hanna argues that logic is intrinsically psychological and that human psychology is intrinsically logical. He claims that logic is cognitively constructed by rational animals and that rational animals are essentially logical animals. In order to do so, he defends the broadly Kantian thesis that all rational animals possess an innate cognitive "logic faculty." Hanna 's claims challenge the conventional philosophical wisdom that sees logic as a fully formal or "topic-neutral" science irreconcilably separate from the species- (...)
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  • Carnap and Logical Truth.W. V. O. Quine - 1960 - Synthese 12 (4):350--74.
    Kant's question 'How are synthetic judgments a priori possible?' pre- cipitated the Critique of Pure Reason. Question and answer notwith- standing, Mill and others persisted in doubting that such judgments were possible at all. At length some of Kant's own clearest purported.
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  • Philosophy of Logic.W. V. O. Quine - 1970 - Harvard University Press.
    With his customary incisiveness, W. V. Quine presents logic as the product of two factors, truth and grammar--but argues against the doctrine that the logical ...
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  • Inventing Logical Necessity.Crispin Wright - 1986 - In Jeremy Butterfield (ed.), Language, Mind and Logic. Cambridge University Press.
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  • Logic and the Discursive Intellect.Penelope Maddy - 1999 - Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 40 (1):94-115.
    The effort to fit simple logical truths–like `if it's either red or green and it's not red, then it must be green'–into Kant's account of knowledge turns up a position more subtle and intriguing than might be expected at first glance.
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  • Truth by Convention.W. V. Quine - 1936 - In Journal of Symbolic Logic. pp. 77-106.
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  • The Analytic and the Synthetic.Hilary Putnam - 1967 - Critica 1 (2):109-113.