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  1. Nanomachine : One Word for Three Different Paradigms.Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent - 2007 - Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology 11 (1):71-89.
    Scientists and engineers who extensively use the term “nanomachine” are not always aware of the philosophical implications of this term. The purpose of this paper is to clarify the concept of nanomachine through a distinction between three major paradigms of machine. After a brief presentation of two well-known paradigms - Cartesian mechanistic machines and Von Neumann's complex and uncontrolled machines – we will argue that Drexler's model was mainly Cartesian. But what about the model of his critics? We propose a (...)
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  • Du Mode d'Existence des Objets Techniques.Gilbert Simondon - 1958 - Aubier-Montaigne.
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  • Knowledge-Making Distinctions in Synthetic Biology.Maureen O'Malley, Alexander Powell, Jonathan Davies & Jane Calvert - 2008 - Bioessays 30 (1):57-65.
    Synthetic biology is an increasingly high-profile area of research that can be understood as encompassing three broad approaches towards the synthesis of living systems: DNA-based device construction, genome-driven cell engineering and protocell creation. Each approach is characterized by different aims, methods and constructs, in addition to a range of positions on intellectual property and regulatory regimes. We identify subtle but important differences between the schools in relation to their treatments of genetic determinism, cellular context and complexity. These distinctions tie into (...)
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  • Collapse of Distance: Epistemic Strategies of Science and Technoscience.Alfred Nordmann - 2006 - Danish Yearbook of Philosophy 41.
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