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Meaning in Motion

In Klaus von Heusinger & Urs Egli (eds.), Reference and Anaphoric Relations. Kluwer Academic Publishers. pp. 47--78 (2000)

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  1. Defaults in update semantics.Frank Veltman - 1996 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 25 (3):221 - 261.
    The aim of this paper is twofold: (i) to introduce the framework of update semantics and to explain what kind of semantic phenomena may successfully be analysed in it: (ii) to give a detailed analysis of one such phenomenon: default reasoning.
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  • Husserl.Ronald McIntyre - 1993 - Philosophical Review 102 (1):112.
  • Dynamic predicate logic.Jeroen Groenendijk & Martin Stokhof - 1991 - Linguistics and Philosophy 14 (1):39-100.
    This paper is devoted to the formulation and investigation of a dynamic semantic interpretation of the language of first-order predicate logic. The resulting system, which will be referred to as ‘dynamic predicate logic’, is intended as a first step towards a compositional, non-representational theory of discourse semantics. In the last decade, various theories of discourse semantics have emerged within the paradigm of model-theoretic semantics. A common feature of these theories is a tendency to do away with the principle of compositionality, (...)
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  • Existential disclosure.Paul Dekker - 1993 - Linguistics and Philosophy 16 (6):561 - 587.
  • Questions.Jeroen Groenendijk & Martin Stokhof - 2011 - In Johan van Benthem & Alice ter Meulen (eds.), Handbook of Logic and Language. Elsevier. pp. 1059–1131.
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  • Presupposition.David I. Beaver - 1997 - In Johan van Bentham & Alice ter Meulen (eds.), Handbook of Logic and Language. MIT Press.
    We discuss presupposition, the phenomenon whereby speakers mark linguistically the information that is presupposed or taken for granted, rather than being part of the main propositional content of a speech act. Expressions and constructions carrying presuppositions are called “presupposition triggers”, forming a large class including definites and factive verbs. The article first introduces the range of triggers, the basic properties of presuppositions such as projection and cancellability, and the diagnostic tests used to identify them. The reader is then introducedto major (...)
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  • Coreference and Modality in Multi-Speaker Discourse.Jeroen Groenendijk, Martin Stokhof & Frank Veltman - 1997 - In Hans Kamp & Barbara Partee (eds.), Context-Dependence in the Analysis of Linguistic Meaning. Ims. pp. 195--217.
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  • Determiners and context sets.Dag Westerståhl - 1985 - In Generalized Quantifiers in Natural Language. Foris Publications. pp. 45--71.
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  • Dynamics.Reinhard Muskens, Johan Van Benthem & Albert Visser - 1997 - In Johan Van Benthem & Alice Ter Meulen (eds.), Handbook of Logic and Language. Amsterdam: Elsevier. pp. 587-648.
  • Coreference and modality.Martin Stokhof, Jeroen Groenendijk & Frank Veltman - 1996 - In Shalom Lappin (ed.), Handbook of Contemporary Semantic Theory. Blackwell. pp. 179-216.
    Of course, although this view on meaning was the prevailing one for almost a century, many of the people who initiated the enterprise of logical semantics, including people like Frege and Wittgenstein, had an open eye for all that it did not catch. However, the logical means which Frege, Wittgenstein, Russell, and the generation that succeeded them, had at their disposal were those of classical mathematical logic and set-theory, and these indeed are not very suited for an analysis of other (...)
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  • A Theory of Truth and Semantic Representation.Hans Kamp - 1981 - In P. Portner & B. H. Partee (eds.), Formal Semantics - the Essential Readings. Blackwell. pp. 189--222.
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  • The dynamics of description.Jan van Eijck - 1993 - Journal of Semantics 10 (3):239-267.
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  • Dynamic Montague grammar.Martin Stokhof - manuscript
    In Groenendijk & Stokhof [1989] a system of dynamic predicate logic (DPL) was developed, as a compositional alternative for classical discourse representation theory (DRT ). DPL shares with DRT the restriction of being a first-order system. In the present paper, we are mainly concerned with overcoming this limitation. We shall define a dynamic semantics for a typed language with λ-abstraction which is compatible with the semantics DPL specifies for the language of first-order predicate logic. We shall propose to use this (...)
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  • This Might Be It.Frank Veltman, Jeroen Groenendijk & Martin Stokhof - 1996 - In Dag Westerstahl & Jeremy Seligman (eds.), Language, Logic, and Computation: the 1994 Moraga Proceedings. CSLI. pp. 255--70.
    Discussions often end before the issues that started them have been resolved. For example, in the late sixties and early seventies, a hot topic in philosophical logic was the development of an adequate semantics for the language of modal predicate logic. However, the result of this discussion was not one single system that met with general agreement, but a collection of alternative systems, each defended most ably by its proponents.
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