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Getting God out of our (modal) business

Sophia 48 (4):379-391 (2009)

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  1. The Conscious Mind: In Search of a Fundamental Theory.David J. Chalmers - 1996 - Oxford University Press.
    The book is an extended study of the problem of consciousness. After setting up the problem, I argue that reductive explanation of consciousness is impossible , and that if one takes consciousness seriously, one has to go beyond a strict materialist framework. In the second half of the book, I move toward a positive theory of consciousness with fundamental laws linking the physical and the experiential in a systematic way. Finally, I use the ideas and arguments developed earlier to defend (...)
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  • The Nature of God: An Inquiry Into Divine Attributes.Edward R. WIERENGA - 1989 - Ithaca: Cornell University Press.
    The Nature of God explores a perennial problem in the philosophy of religion.
  • Naming and Necessity.Saul A. Kripke - 1980 - Harvard University Press.
  • Naming and Necessity.Saul Kripke - 1980 - In Darragh Byrne & Max Kölbel (eds.), Philosophy. Routledge. pp. 431-433.
    _Naming and Necessity_ has had a great and increasing influence. It redirected philosophical attention to neglected questions of natural and metaphysical necessity and to the connections between these and theories of naming, and of identity. This seminal work, to which today's thriving essentialist metaphysics largely owes its impetus, is here reissued in a newly corrected form with a new preface by the author. If there is such a thing as essential reading in metaphysics, or in philosophy of language, this is (...)
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  • Conceivability and Possibility.Tamar Szabo Gendler & John Hawthorne (eds.) - 2002 - Oxford University Press.
    The capacity to represent things to ourselves as possible plays a crucial role both in everyday thinking and in philosophical reasoning; this volume offers much-needed philosophical illumination of conceivability, possibility, and the relations between them.
  • Is Conceivability a Guide to Possibility?Stephen Yablo - 1993 - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 53 (1):1-42.
  • Conceivability, Possibility and Physicalism.S. Worley - 2003 - Analysis 63 (1):15-23.
  • Omnipotence Redux.Joshua Hoffman & Gary Rosenkrantz - 1988 - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 49 (2):283-301.
  • What an Omnipotent Agent Can Do.Gary Rosenkrantz & Joshua Hoffman - 1980 - International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 11 (1):1 - 19.
  • The Omnipotence Paradox, Modality, and Time.Gary Rosenkrantz & Joshua Hoffman - 1980 - Southern Journal of Philosophy 18 (4):473-479.
  • Descartes's Theory of Modality.Jonathan Bennett - 1994 - Philosophical Review 103 (4):639-667.
    Descartes propounded the allegedly "strange", "peculiar", "curious" and "incoherent" doctrine that necessary truths are made true by God's voluntary act. It is generally held that this doctrine must be kept out of sight while other Cartesian topics are being discussed. This paper offers an interpretation of this Cartesian doctrine under which it comes out as reasonable, consistent with the rest of his philosophy, and possible even true. According to this interpretation--which is more respectful of and close to Descartes's text than (...)
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  • Conceivability as a Test for Possibility.Paul Tidman - 1994 - American Philosophical Quarterly 31 (4):297-309.
  • The Existence and Nature of God.Alfred J. Freddoso (ed.) - 1983 - Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press.
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