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  1. In Defense of Base Contraction.Sven Ove Hansson - 1992 - Synthese 91 (3):239 - 245.
    In the most common approaches to belief dynamics, states of belief are represented by sets that are closed under logical consequence. In an alternative approach, they are represented by non-closed belief bases. This representation has attractive properties not shared by closed representations. Most importantly, it can account for repeated belief changes that have not yet been satisfactorily accounted for in the closed approach.
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  • Theory Contraction Through Base Contraction.André Fuhrmann - 1991 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 20 (2):175 - 203.
  • On the Status of the Postulate of Recovery in the Logic of Theory Change.David Makinson - 1987 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 16 (4):383 - 394.
    Describes and discusses the rather special behaviour of one of the postulates in the AGM account of theory change.
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  • Knowledge in Flux: Modeling the Dynamics of Epistemic States.Peter Menzies & Peter Gardenfors - 1994 - Philosophical Review 103 (1):159.
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  • Belief Contraction Without Recovery.Sven Ove Hansson - 1991 - Studia Logica 50 (2):251 - 260.
    The postulate of recovery is commonly regarded to be the intuitively least compelling of the six basic Gärdenfors postulates for belief contraction. We replace recovery by the seemingly much weaker postulate of core-retainment, which ensures that if x is excluded from K when p is contracted, then x plays some role for the fact that K implies p. Surprisingly enough, core-retainment together with four of the other Gärdenfors postulates implies recovery for logically closed belief sets. Reasonable contraction operators without recovery (...)
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  • Reversing the Levi Identity.Sven Ove Hansson - 1993 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 22 (6):637 - 669.
    The AGM (Alchourrón-Gärdenfors-Makinson) model of belief change is extended to cover changes on sets of beliefs that are not closed under logical consequence (belief bases). Three major types of change operations, namely contraction, internal revision, and external revision are axiomatically characterized, and their interrelations are studied. In external revision, the Levi identity is reversed in the sense that one first adds the new belief to the belief base, and afterwards contracts its negation. It is argued that external revision represents an (...)
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  • Epistemic Importance and Minimal Changes of Belief.Peter Gärdenfors - 1984 - Australasian Journal of Philosophy 62 (2):136 – 157.
  • New Operators for Theory Change.Svenove Hansson - 1989 - Theoria 55 (2):114-132.