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Melinda Hogan (1994). What is Wrong with an Atomistic Account of Mental Representation.

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  1.  87
    Stalking the Wild Epistemic Engine.Paul M. Churchland & Patricia S. Churchland - 1983 - Noûs 17 (1):5-18.
  2.  35
    Reality Without Reference.D. Davidson - 1977 - Dialectica 31 (1):247--53.
    SummaryA dilemma concerning reference is posed: on the one hand it seems essential, if we are to give an account of truth, to first give an account of reference. On the other hand, reference is more remote than truth from the evidence in behavior on which a radical theory of language must depend, since words refer only in the context of sentences, and it is sentences which are needed to promote human purposes. The solution which is proposed is to treat (...)
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  10.  89
    The Basic Laws of Arithmetic.Gottlob Frege - 1964 - Berkeley: University of California Press.
    ... as 'logicism') that the content expressed by true propositions of arithmetic and analysis is not something of an irreducibly mathematical character, ...
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  11.  79
    Mental Acts: Their Content And Their Objects.Peter T. Geach - 1957 - Humanities Press.
    ACT, CONTENT, AND OBJECT THE TITLE I have chosen for this work is a mere label for a set of problems; the controversial views that have historically been ...
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  12. Naming and Necessity.Saul Kripke - 1980 - In Darragh Byrne & Max Kölbel (eds.), Philosophy. Routledge. pp. 431-433.
    _Naming and Necessity_ has had a great and increasing influence. It redirected philosophical attention to neglected questions of natural and metaphysical necessity and to the connections between these and theories of naming, and of identity. This seminal work, to which today's thriving essentialist metaphysics largely owes its impetus, is here reissued in a newly corrected form with a new preface by the author. If there is such a thing as essential reading in metaphysics, or in philosophy of language, this is (...)
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  13.  77
    Subjective Intentionality.Brian Loar - 1987 - Philosophical Topics 15 (1):89-124.
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  14.  73
    Physicalism and Primitive Denotation: Field on Tarski. [REVIEW]John McDowell - 1978 - Erkenntnis 13 (1):131 - 152.
  15.  13
    Stalnaker's Problem of Intentionality: On Robert Stalnaker's Inquiry.Stephen R. Schiffer - 1986 - Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 67 (April):87-97.
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  16. What is a Theory of Truth?Scott Soames - 1984 - Journal of Philosophy 81 (8):411-429.
    412 THE JOURNAL OF PHILOSOPHY There are theories that try, in my opinion unsuccessfully, to do just this. Tarski's theory, which restricts itself to cases in which truth is predicated of sentences of certain formal languages, is not one of them. Thus, Tarski cannot be seen.
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  17. Verificationism and a Causal Account of Meaning.Dennis W. Stampe - 1986 - Synthese 69 (October):107-37.