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  1. Nature and Positive Aesthetics.Allen Carlson - 1984 - Environmental Ethics 6 (1):5-34.
    Positive aesthetics holds that the natural environment, insofar as it is unaffected by man, has only positive aesthetic qualities and value-that virgin nature is essentially beautiful. In spite of the initial implausibility of this position, it is nonetheless suggested by many individuals who have given serious thought to the natural environment and to environmental philosophy. Certain attempts to defend theposition involve claiming either that it is not implausible because our appreciation of nature is not genuinely aesthetic, or that the position (...)
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  • Appreciating Nature on its Own Terms.Yuriko Saito - 1998 - Environmental Ethics 20 (2):135-149.
    I propose that the appropriate appreciation of nature must include the moral capacity for acknowledging the reality of nature apart from humans and the sensitivity for listening to its own story. I argue that appreciating nature exclusively as design is inappropriate to the extent that we impose upon nature a preconceived artistic standard as well as appreciation based upon historical/cultural/literary associationsinsofar as we treat nature as a background of our own story. In contrast, aesthetic appreciation informed by our attempt to (...)
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  • Freedom and Objectivity in the Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature.Glenn Parsons - 2006 - British Journal of Aesthetics 46 (1):17-37.
    Natural beauty has often been viewed as a somewhat vague and subjective matter. Even theorists who view disputes concerning the aesthetic value of artworks as involving correct and incorrect judgements have argued that, in many disputes concerning natural beauty, there are no correct or incorrect judgements. In this essay, I consider recent attempts to develop a more objectivist view of nature appreciation based on the role of scientific knowledge in such appreciation. In response to recent criticisms of this approach, I (...)
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  • Nature, Aesthetic Judgment, and Objectivity.Allen Carlson - 1981 - Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 40 (1):15-27.
  • Appreciation and the Natural Environment.Allen Carlson - 1979 - Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 37 (3):267-275.
  • Fact and Fiction in the Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature.Marcia Muelder Eaton - 1998 - Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 56 (2):149-156.
  • The Aesthetics of Unscenic Nature.Yuriko Saito - 1998 - Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 56 (2):101-111.
  • Aesthetic Experience in Forests.Iii Holmes Rolston - 1998 - Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 56 (2):157-166.
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  • Scientific Knowledge and the Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature.Patricia Matthews - 2002 - Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 60 (1):37–48.
  • Aesthetic Appreciation and the Many Stories About Nature.Thomas Heyd - 2001 - British Journal of Aesthetics 41 (2):125-137.
  • Appreciating Natural Beauty as Natural.Ronald Moore - 1999 - Journal of Aesthetic Education 33 (3):42.
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  • Budd and Brady on the Aesthetics of Nature. [REVIEW]Allen Carlson - 2005 - Philosophical Quarterly 55 (218):106 - 113.
    This essay is a critical notice of Malcolm Budd's _The Aesthetics of Nature (Oxford, 2002) and Emily Brady's _Aesthetics of the Natural Environment (Edinburgh, 2003). I argue that, although each of the volumes makes an important contribution to our understanding of the aesthetic experience of nature, the accounts of aesthetic appreciation of nature that are developed by Budd and Brady are each somewhat defective in that neither grants an adequate role to knowledge in such appreciation, and specifically to scientific knowledge.
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  • The Correct and the Appropriate in the Appreciation of Nature.Robert Stecker - 1997 - British Journal of Aesthetics 37 (4):393-402.
  • Nature Appreciation and the Question of Aesthetic Relevance.Allen Carlson - 2002 - In Arnold Berleant (ed.), The Environment and the Arts. Ashgate Press. pp. 61--74.
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