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  1. Posterior Cingulate, Precuneal and Retrosplenial Cortices: Cytology and Components of the Neural Network Correlates of Consciousness.B. A. Vogt & Steven Laureys - 2006 - In Steven Laureys (ed.), Boundaries of Consciousness. Elsevier.
    Neuronal aggregates involved in conscious awareness are not evenly distributed throughout the CNS but comprise key components referred to as the neural network correlates of consciousness (NNCC). A critical node in this network is the posterior cingulate, precuneal, and retrosplenial cortices. The cytological and neurochemical composition of this region is reviewed in relation to the Brodmann map. This region has the highest level of cortical glucose metabolism and cytochrome c oxidase activity. Monkey studies suggest that the anterior thalamic projection likely (...)
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  • Self-Projection and the Brain.Randy L. Buckner & Daniel C. Carroll - 2007 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 11 (2):49-57.
  • Cognitive Maps in Rats and Men.Edward C. Tolman - 1948 - Psychological Review 55 (4):189-208.
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  • Why There Are Complementary Learning Systems in the Hippocampus and Neocortex: Insights From the Successes and Failures of Connectionist Models of Learning and Memory.James L. McClelland, Bruce L. McNaughton & Randall C. O'Reilly - 1995 - Psychological Review 102 (3):419-457.
  • Spatial Hemineglect in Humans.Giuseppe Vallar - 1998 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 2 (3):87-97.
  • Deconstructing Episodic Memory with Construction.Demis Hassabis & Eleanor A. Maguire - 2007 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 11 (7):299-306.
  • Wandering Minds: The Default Network and Stimulus-Independent Thought.M. F. Mason, M. I. Norton, J. D. van Horn, D. M. Wegner, S. T. Grafton & C. N. Macrae - 2007 - Science 315 (5810):393-395.
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  • Separate Visual Pathways for Perception and Action.Melvyn A. Goodale & A. David Milner - 1992 - Trends in Neurosciences 15:20-25.
  • Unilateral Neglect of Representational Space.E. Bisiach & C. Luzzatti - 1978 - Cortex 14:129-133.