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  1. Some Naturalistic Reflections on Set Theoretic Method.Penelope J. Maddy - 2001 - Topoi 20 (1):17-27.
    My ultimate goal in this paper is to illuminate, from a naturalistic point of view, the significance of the application of mathematics in the natural sciences for the practice of contemporary set theory.
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  • The Indispensability of Mathematics.Mark Colyvan - 2001 - Oxford University Press.
    This book not only outlines the indispensability argument in considerable detail but also defends it against various challenges.
  • Mathematics Without Numbers: Towards a Modal-Structural Interpretation.Geoffrey Hellman - 1989 - Oxford University Press.
    Develops a structuralist understanding of mathematics, as an alternative to set- or type-theoretic foundations, that respects classical mathematical truth while ...
  • Is Cantor's Continuum Problem Inherently Vague?Kai Hauser - 2002 - Philosophia Mathematica 10 (3):257-285.
    I examine various claims to the effect that Cantor's Continuum Hypothesis and other problems of higher set theory are ill-posed questions. The analysis takes into account the viability of the underlying philosophical views and recent mathematical developments.
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  • Philosophy of Logic.Hilary Putnam - 1971 - Routledge.
    First published in 1971, Professor Putnam's essay concerns itself with the ontological problem in the philosophy of logic and mathematics - that is, the issue of whether the abstract entities spoken of in logic and mathematics really exist. He also deals with the question of whether or not reference to these abstract entities is really indispensible in logic and whether it is necessary in physical science in general.
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  • What is Cantor's Continuum Problem?S. C. Kleene - 1948 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 13 (2):116-117.
  • Occam's Razor and Scientific Method.John P. Burgess - 1998 - In Matthias Schirn (ed.), The Philosophy of Mathematics Today. Clarendon Press. pp. 195--214.
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  • Believing the Axioms. I.Penelope Maddy - 1988 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 53 (2):481-511.
  • Quine's Naturalism.Peter Hylton - 1994 - Midwest Studies in Philosophy 19 (1):261-282.
  • Ontological Commitment: Between Quine and Duhem.Penelope Maddy - 1996 - Philosophical Perspectives 10:317 - 341.
  • Normal Mathematics Will Need New Axioms.Harvey Friedman - 2000 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 6 (4):434-446.
  • Mathematics Needs New Axioms.John Steel - 2000 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 6 (4):422-433.