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Hypatia 11 (3):150 - 153 (1996)

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  1. Cartesian Psychology and Physical Minds: Individualism and the Sciences of the Mind.Alva Noe - 1997 - Philosophical Review 106 (3):434.
    Perhaps the most influential compatibilist response to this question is Fodor's strategy of levels. Fodor argues that although psychological laws range over world-involving propositional attitudes and their contents, these laws are implemented in computational mechanisms that supervene on the individual's intrinsic states.
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  • The Language of Thought.Jerry A. Fodor - 1975 - Synthese 38 (1):161-167.
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  • Is Psychological Individualism a Piece of Ideology?Louise M. Antony - 1995 - Hypatia 10 (3):157 - 174.
    I analyze and criticize Naomi Scheman's argument for the claim that psychological individualism-the thesis that psychological states are entities or particulars over which psychological theories may quantify-has no legitimate philosophical backing and is instead an element of patriarchal ideology. I conclude that Scheman's argument is flawed and that her thesis is false. Psychological individualism is perfectly compatible with and may even be required by feminist political theory.
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  • Engenderings: Constructions of Knowledge, Authority, and Privilege.Naomi Scheman - 1993 - Routledge.
    Naomi Scheman argues that the concerns of philosophy emerge not from the universal human condition but from conditions of privilege. Her books represents a powerful challenge to the notion that gender makes no difference in the construction of philosophical reasoning. At the same time, it criticizes the narrow focus of most feminist theorizing and calls for a more inclusive form of inquiry.
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  • Cartesian Psychology and Physical Minds: Individualism and the Sciences of the Mind.Robert Andrew Wilson - 1995 - Cambridge University Press.
    This book offers the first sustained critique of individualism in psychology, a view that has been the subject of debate between philosophers such as Jerry Fodor and Tyler Burge for many years. The author approaches individualism as an issue in the philosophy of science and by discussing issues such as computationalism and the mind's modularity he opens the subject up for non-philosophers in psychology and computer science. Professor Wilson carefully examines the most influential arguments for individualism and identifies the main (...)
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  • The Language of Thought.Jerry A. Fodor - 1975 - Harvard University Press.
    INTRODUCTION: TWO KINDS OF RLDUCTIONISM The man who laughs is the one who has not yet heard the terrible news. BERTHOLD BRECHT I propose, in this book, ...
  • Engenderings: Constructions of Knowledge, Authority and Privilege.Sabina Lovibond & Naomi Scheman - 1995 - Philosophical Review 104 (3):460.