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Amy Olberding (2007). Sorrow and the Sage: Grief in the Zhuangzi.

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  1. Death as Transformation in Classical Daoism.Roger T. Ames - 1998 - In J. E. Malpas & Robert C. Solomon (eds.), Death and Philosophy. Routledge. pp. 57--70.
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  2. Humor.Ted Cohen - 2001 - In Berys Nigel Gaut & Dominic Lopes (eds.), The Routledge Companion to Aesthetics. Routledge.
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    Jokes: Philosophical Thoughts on Joking Matters.Ted Cohen - 2001 - University of Chicago Press.
    Abe and his friend Sol are out for a walk together in a part of town they haven't been in before. Passing a Christian church, they notice a curious sign in front that says "$1,000 to anyone who will convert." "I wonder what that's about," says Abe. "I think I'll go in and have a look. I'll be back in a minute; just wait for me." Sol sits on the sidewalk bench and waits patiently for nearly half an hour. Finally, (...)
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    Discourses. Epictetus - 2004 - Courier Dover Publications.
    The Discourses report wide-ranging discussions between Epictetus and his students.
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  5. Philosophy as a Way of Life: Spiritual Exercises From Socrates to Foucault.Pierre Hadot - 1997 - Blackwell.
    This book presents a history of spiritual exercises from Socrates to early Christianity, an account of their decline in modern philosophy, and a discussion of ...
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  6. Death and Dying in the Analects.Philip J. Ivanhoe - 2003 - In Weiming Tu & Mary Evelyn Tucker (eds.), Confucian Spirituality. Crossroad Pub. Company. pp. 1--220.
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    Learning From Asian Philosophy.Joel J. Kupperman - 1999 - Oxford University Press.
    In an attempt to bridge the vast divide between classical Asian thought and contemporary Western philosophy, Joel J. Kupperman finds that the two traditions do not, by and large, supply different answers to the same questions. Rather, each tradition is searching for answers to their own set of questions--mapping out distinct philosophical investigations. In this groundbreaking book, Kupperman argues that the foundational Indian and Chinese texts include lines of thought that can enrich current philosophical practice, and in some cases provide (...)
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    The Therapy of Desire.Martha Nussbaum - 1994 - Princeton University Press.