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  1. An Introduction to Substructural Logics.Greg Restall - 2000 - Routledge.
    This book introduces an important group of logics that have come to be known under the umbrella term 'susbstructural'. Substructural logics have independently led to significant developments in philosophy, computing and linguistics. _An Introduction to Substrucural Logics_ is the first book to systematically survey the new results and the significant impact that this class of logics has had on a wide range of fields.The following topics are covered: * Proof Theory * Propositional Structures * Frames * Decidability * Coda Both (...)
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  • What If? The Exploration of an Idea.Graham Priest - 2017 - Australasian Journal of Logic 14 (1).
    A crucial question here is what, exactly, the conditional in the naive truth/set comprehension principles is. In 'Logic of Paradox', I outlined two options. One is to take it to be the material conditional of the extensional paraconsistent logic LP. Call this "Strategy 1". LP is a relatively weak logic, however. In particular, the material conditional does not detach. The other strategy is to take it to be some detachable conditional. Call this "Strategy 2". The aim of the present essay (...)
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  • The Inconsistency of Certain Formal Logic.Haskell B. Curry - 1942 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 7 (3):115-117.
  • The Inconsistency of Certain Formal Logics.Alonzo Church & Haskell B. Curry - 1942 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 7 (4):170.
  • Trivializing Sentences and the Promise of Semantic Completeness.J. Beall - 2015 - Analysis 75 (4):573-584.
    This paper challenges defenders/advocates of the semantic-completeness route towards gluts to explain, in simple and plausible terms, why the ‘trivializer paradox’, framed in terms of closure relatives on theories, fails to undermine their argument.
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  • Curry's Paradox.Robert K. Meyer, Richard Routley & J. Michael Dunn - 1979 - Analysis 39 (3):124 - 128.
  • Substructural Logics.Greg Restall - forthcoming - Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
    summary of work in relevant in the Anderson– tradition.]; Mares Troestra, Anne, 1992, Lectures on , CSLI Publications [A quick, easy-to.
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  • Fusion and Confusion.Graham Priest - 2015 - Topoi 34 (1):55-61.
    IntroductionCurry’s paradox is well known.See, e.g., Priest , ch. 6. It comes in both set theoretic and semantic versions. Here we will concentrate on the semantic versions. Historically, these have deployed the notion of truth. Those who wish to endorse an unrestricted T-schema have mainly endorsed a logic which rejects the principle of Absorption, \\models A\rightarrow B\). High profile logics of this kind are certain relevant logics; these have semantics which show how and why this principle is not valid. Of (...)
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