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Biosemiotics 2 (2):247-253 (2009)

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  1. The System of Interpretance, Naturalizing Meaning as Finality.Stanley N. Salthe - 2008 - Biosemiotics 1 (3):285-294.
    A materialist construction of semiosis requires system embodiment at particular locales, in order to function as systems of interpretance. I propose that we can use a systemic model of scientific measurement to construct a systems view of semiosis. I further suggest that the categories required to understand that process can be used as templates when generalizing to biosemiosis and beyond. The viewpoint I advance here is that of natural philosophy—which, once granted, incurs no principled block to further generalization all the (...)
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  • Development (and Evolution) of the Universe.Stanley N. Salthe - 2010 - Foundations of Science 15 (4):357-367.
    I distinguish Nature from the World. I also distinguish development from evolution. Development is progressive change and can be modeled as part of Nature, using a specification hierarchy. I have proposed a ‘canonical developmental trajectory’ of dissipative structures with the stages defined thermodynamically and informationally. I consider some thermodynamic aspects of the Big Bang, leading to a proposal for reviving final cause. This model imposes a ‘hylozooic’ kind of interpretation upon Nature, as all emergent features at higher levels would have (...)
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  • Evolutionary Metaphysics the Development of Peirce's Theory of Categories.J. ESPOSITO - 1980 - Ohio University Press.
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  • The Logic of Modern Physics.Percy Bridgman - 1927 - Arno Press.
  • What Pragmatism Is.Charles S. Peirce - 1905 - The Monist 15 (2):161-181.
  • Semantic Biology and the Mind-Body Problem: The Theory of the Conventional Mind.Marcello Barbieri - 2006 - Biological Theory 1 (4):352-356.
  • Charles S. Peirce's Evolutionary Philosophy.Carl R. Hausman - 1993 - Cambridge University Press.
    In this systematic introduction to the philosophy of Charles S. Peirce, the author focuses on four of Peirce's fundamental conceptions: pragmatism and Peirce's development of it into what he called 'pragmaticism'; his theory of signs; his phenomenology; and his theory that continuity is of prime importance for philosophy. He argues that at the centre of Peirce's philosophical project is a unique form of metaphysical realism, whereby continuity and evolutionary change are both necessary for our understanding of experience. In his final (...)
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  • Collected Papers.Charles S. Peirce - 1931 - Cambridge: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press.
    v. 1-2. Principles of philosophy and Elements of logic.--v. 3-4. Exact logic (published papers) and The simplest mathematics.--v. 5-6. Pragmatism and pragmaticism and Scientific metaphysics.--v. 7. Science and philosophy.--v. 8. Reviews, correspondence and bibliography.
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  • Levels.Roberto Poli - 1998 - Axiomathes 9 (1-2):197-211.
  • Charles S. Peirce's Evolutionary Philosophy.Carl R. Hausman - 1998 - Journal of Speculative Philosophy 12 (1):74-76.
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  • The Issues of Pragmaticism.Charles S. Peirce - 1905 - The Monist 15 (4):481-499.
  • [Book Review] Time, the Refreshing River. [REVIEW]Joseph Needham - 1989 - Science and Society 53 (3):365-368.
  • Development and Evolution Complexity and Change in Biology.Stanley N. Salthe - 1993
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  • The Interconnected Universe Conceptual Foundations of Transdisciplinary Unified Theory.Ervin Laszlo - 1995 - World Scientific.
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  • Self-Modifying Systems In Biology And Cognitive Science: A New Framework For Dynamics, Information.G. Kampis - forthcoming - And Complexity.
  • Logic in Reality.Joseph E. Brenner - 2008 - Springer.
    The work is the presentation of a logical theory - Logic in Reality (LIR) - and of applications of that theory in natural science and philosophy, including ...
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