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Andrew R. Smith (1994). Phrasing, Linking, Judging: Communication and Critical Phenomenology. [REVIEW]

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  1. Lyotard: Writing the Event.Geoffrey Bennington - 1988 - Columbia University Press.
  2. What Can She Know?: Feminist Theory and the Construction of Knowledge.Lorraine Code - 1991 - Cornell University Press.
    CHAPTER ONE Is the Sex of the Knower Epistemologically Significant? The Question A question that focuses on the knower, as the title of this chapter does, ...
  3. Unruly Practices : Power, Discourse, and Gender in Contemporary Social Theory.Nancy Fraser - 1989 - University of Minnesota Press..
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    Revolution in Poetic Language.Julia Kristeva - 1984 - Columbia University Press.
    Julia Kristeva. alteration has been identified, one is able to detect a similar ferment in the essential writings of other historical periods. A few definitions or clarifications are in order. That there has been a conceptual "revolution" is, 1 believe, ...
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  5. Phenomenology of Communication Merleau-Ponty's Thematics in Communicology and Semiology.Richard L. Lanigan - 1988
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    Discourse, Figure.J. -F. Lyotard - 1971 - University of Minnesota Press.
    Lyotard’s earliest major work, available in English for the first time. Jean-François Lyotard is recognized as one of the most significant French philosophers of the twentieth century. Although nearly all of his major writing has been translated into English, one important work has until now been unavailable. Discourse, Figure is Lyotard’s thesis. Provoked in part by Lacan’s influential seminars in Paris, Discourse, Figure distinguishes between the meaningfulness of linguistic signs and the meaningfulness of plastic arts such as painting and sculpture. (...)
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  7. The Differend: Phrases in Dispute (Slovene Translation).J. F. Lyotard - 2003 - Filozofski Vestnik 24 (1):91-117.
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  8. The Post-Modern Condition: A Report on Knowledge.J. F. Lyotard - 1985 - Australasian Journal of Philosophy 63:520.
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  9. The Lyotard Reader.Jean-François Lyotard - 1989 - Blackwell.
  10. The Differend.Jean-François Lyotard - 1988 - University of Minnesota Press.
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    Phenomenology.Jean-Francois Lyotard & Gayle L. Ormiston - 1991 - State University of New York Press.
    This translation of Lyotard's first book, La phenomenologie (first publication in 1954; the translation is from the 10th edition of 1986, Presses Universitaires de France) supplies an important link to Lyotard's more recent work.
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    The Prose of the World.Maurice Merleau-Ponty - 1973 - Evanston: Northwestern University Press.
    The work which this author planned to call The Prose of the World, or Introduction to the Prose of the World, is unfinished.
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  13. The Visible and the Invisible.Maurice Merleau-Ponty - 1968 - Northwestern University Press.
    This book contains the unfinished manuscript and working notes of the book Merleau-Ponty was writing when he died.
  14.  43
    Signs.Maurice Merleau-Ponty - 1964 - Northwestern University Press.
    INTRODUCTION HOW DIFFERENT — HOW DOWNRIGHT INCONGRUOUS — the philosophical essays and the ad hoc, primarily political observations which make up this volume ...
  15.  40
    Edmund Husserl's Theory of Meaning.Jitendranath Mohanty - 1964 - Martinus Nijhoff.
    CHAPTER I ANALYSIS OF THOUGHT § I. There is one dominating interest which runs through all the works of Husserl, from the earliest to the latest, ...
  16.  82
    The Phenomenology of the Social World*[1932].Alfred Schutz - 2007 - In Craig J. Calhoun (ed.), Contemporary Sociological Theory. Blackwell. pp. 2--32.
  17. Phenomenology of the Social World.Alfred Schutz - 1967 - Northwestern University Press.
    In this book, his major work, Alfred Schutz attempts to provide a sound philosophical basis for the sociological theories of Max Weber. Using a Husserlian phenomenology, Schutz provides a complete and original analysis of human action and its "intended meaning.".
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