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  1. Beyond Mind-Reading: Multi-Voxel Pattern Analysis of fMRI Data.Kenneth A. Norman, Sean M. Polyn, Greg J. Detre & James V. Haxby - 2006 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 10 (9):424-430.
  • Guiding the Study of Brain Dynamics by Using First- Person Data: Synchrony Patterns Correlate with Ongoing Conscious States During a Simple Visual Task.Antoine Lutz, Jacques Martinerie, Jean-Philippe Lachaux & Francisco J. Varela - 2002 - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the Usa 99 (3):1586-1591.
    Laboratoire de Neurosciences Cognitives et Imagerie Ce´re´brale (LENA), Hoˆpital de La Salpeˆtrie`re, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS).
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  • Cognitive and Emotional Influences in Anterior Cingulate Cortex.George Bush, Phan Luu & Michael I. Posner - 2000 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 4 (6):215-222.
    Anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) is a part of the brain's limbic system. Classically, this region has been related to affect, on the basis of lesion studies in humans and in animals. In the late 1980s, neuroimaging research indicated that ACC was active in many studies of cognition. The findings from EEG studies of a focal area of negativity in scalp electrodes following an error response led to the idea that ACC might be the brain's error detection and correction device. In (...)
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  • Predicting the Stream of Consciousness From Activity in Human Visual Cortex.John-Dylan Haynes & Geraint Rees - 2005 - Current Biology 15 (14):1301-7.
  • Wandering Minds: The Default Network and Stimulus-Independent Thought.M. F. Mason, M. I. Norton, J. D. van Horn, D. M. Wegner, S. T. Grafton & C. N. Macrae - 2007 - Science 315 (5810):393-395.
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