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  1. Effect of Spacing Presentations on Retention of a Paired Associate Over Short Intervals.Lloyd R. Peterson, Richard Wampler, Meredith Kirkpatrick & Dorothy Saltzman - 1963 - Journal of Experimental Psychology 66 (2):206.
  • The Big Book of Concepts.Gregory Murphy - 2004 - MIT Press.
    A comprehensive introduction to current research on the psychology of concept formation and use.
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  • Property Content Guides Children’s Memory for Social Learning Episodes.Anne E. Riggs, Charles W. Kalish & Martha W. Alibali - 2014 - Cognition 131 (2):243-253.
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  • Family Resemblances: Studies in the Internal Structure of Categories.Eleanor Rosch & Carolyn B. Mervis - 1975 - Cognitive Psychology 7 (4):573--605.
    Six experiments explored the hypothesis that the members of categories which are considered most prototypical are those with most attributes in common with other members of the category and least attributes in common with other categories. In probabilistic terms, the hypothesis is that prototypicality is a function of the total cue validity of the attributes of items. In Experiments 1 and 3, subjects listed attributes for members of semantic categories which had been previously rated for degree of prototypicality. High positive (...)
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  • Reinforcement as Consolidation.T. K. Landauer - 1969 - Psychological Review 76 (1):82-96.
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  • The Spacing Effect in Children’s Memory and Category Induction.Haley A. Vlach, Catherine M. Sandhofer & Nate Kornell - 2008 - Cognition 109 (1):163-167.
  • Concept Learning with Differing Sequences of Instances.Kenneth H. Kurtz & Carl I. Hovland - 1956 - Journal of Experimental Psychology 51 (4):239.
  • On the Genesis of Abstract Ideas.M. I. Posner & S. W. Keele - 1968 - Journal of Experimental Psychology 77 (2p1):353-363.