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  1. Search of Associative Memory.Jeroen G. Raaijmakers & Richard M. Shiffrin - 1981 - Psychological Review 88 (2):93-134.
  • Controlled and Automatic Human Information Processing: Perceptual Learning, Automatic Attending, and a General Theory.Richard M. Shiffrin & Walter E. Schneider - 1977 - Psychological Review 84 (2):128-90.
    Tested the 2-process theory of detection, search, and attention presented by the current authors in a series of experiments. The studies demonstrate the qualitative difference between 2 modes of information processing: automatic detection and controlled search; trace the course of the learning of automatic detection, of categories, and of automatic-attention responses; and show the dependence of automatic detection on attending responses and demonstrate how such responses interrupt controlled processing and interfere with the focusing of attention. The learning of categories is (...)
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  • Separating Implicit From Explicit Retrieval Processes in Perceptual Identification.Gail McKoon & Roger Ratcliff - 1995 - Consciousness and Cognition 5 (4):500-511.
    Light and Kennison proposed that bias effects in the forced-choice perceptual identification of words result from a strategy engaged in by subjects to retrieve explicit information about the words. This article enumerates several problems with this proposal and presents new experimental data against it. It is concluded that subjects do not ordinarily employ an explicit retrieval strategy. The data are discussed in the context of the general problem of separating implicit from explicit influences on performance.
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  • On the Prediction of Occurrence of Particular Verbal Intrusions in Immediate Recall.James Deese - 1959 - Journal of Experimental Psychology 58 (1):17.
  • Depth of Processing and the Retention of Words in Episodic Memory.Fergus I. M. Craik & Endel Tulving - 1975 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 104 (3):268-294.