Cecilia Åsberg [5]Christer Åsberg [1]Johannes Åsberg [1] Åsberg [1]
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    Four Problems, Four Directions for Environmental Humanities: Toward Critical Posthumanities for the Anthropocene. Neimanis, Åsberg & Hedrén - 2015 - Ethics and the Environment 20 (1):67-97.
    A consensus is building that our planet has entered the so-called age of the Anthropocene—a post-Holocene epoch defined by the significant impact of humans on geological, biotic and climatic planetary processes. On the one hand, there is good reason to exercise caution in relation to this concept of the “Age of Man.” At a time when immoderate anthropogenic impact poses a serious threat to ecological integrity and balance, calling an epoch after ourselves does not necessarily demonstrate the humility we may (...)
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    Speculative Before the Turn: Reintroducing Feminist Materialist Performativity.Cecilia Åsberg, Kathrin Thiele & Iris van der Tuin - 2015 - Cultural Studies Review 21 (2).
    This is a moment for new conversations and new synergies. While a wealth of contemporary speculative materialisms is currently circulating in academia, art and activism, in this article we focus upon a few ethico-political stakes in the different, loosely affiliated conceptions of ontologies of immanence. More specifically, we are concerned here with the very meaning of speculation itself after the many new headings of immanent ontologies, such as object-oriented ontology, speculative realism or the new materialisms. Our concern is a feminist (...)
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    PharmAD-Ventures: A Feminist Analysis of the Pharmacological Imaginary of Alzheimer's Disease.Cecilia Åsberg & Jennifer Lum - 2009 - Body and Society 15 (4):95-117.
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    Viagra Selfhood: Pharmaceutical Advertising and the Visual Formation of Swedish Masculinity. [REVIEW]Cecilia Åsberg & Ericka Johnson - 2009 - Health Care Analysis 17 (2):144-157.
    Using material from the Pfizer sponsored website providing health information on erectile dysfunction to potential Swedish Viagra customers (www.potenslinjen.se), this article explores the public image of masculinity in relation to sexual health and the cultural techniques for creating pharmaceutical appeal. We zoom in on the targeted ideal users of Viagra, and the nationalized, racialized and sexualized identities they are assigned. As part of Pfizer’s marketing strategy of adjustments to fit the local consumer base, the ways in which Viagra is promoted (...)
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    Sexual Difference, Gender, and (Microscopic) Animals: A Commentary on Ebeling’s “Sexing the Rotifer”.Cecilia Åsberg - 2011 - Society and Animals 19 (3):316-322.
    In this commentary, the microscopic animals of the genus Rotifera, or “rotifers,” emerge as a theory-provoking nonhuman animal. Rotifers embody otherness in ways that may intrigue scholars within both Human-Animal Studies and feminist science studies. In their encounter with rotifers, such fields of research might also engage each other in new, unexpected, and fruitful ways, as is here argued.
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    A Feminist Companion to the Posthumanities.Cecilia Åsberg & Rosi Braidotti (eds.) - 2018 - Springer Verlag.
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