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    Remarks on the Origin of All-Inclusive Pervasion.Kiyokuni Shiga - 2011 - Journal of Indian Philosophy 39 (4-5):521-534.
    Previous studies have claimed that the term ‘all-inclusive pervasion’ ( sarvopasaṃhāravyāpti ) appeared for the first time in the Hetubindu , and that it was Dharmakīrti who created this theory. This article attempts to modify this view and to show that the prototype of this theory can already be found in Dignāga’s system of logic. Dignāga states in the third chapter of the Pramāṇasamuccayavṛtti that the co-existence of a logical reason with what is to be proved is understood by (...)
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    Kamalaśīla on Doubt as the Cause of the Activity of Reading.Hiroko Matsuoka - 2018 - Journal of Indian Philosophy 46 (3):455-473.
    As Funayama has shown, Dharmakīrti’s successors had an animated discussion on the nature and function of the initial statement of scientific treatises in terms of its effectiveness and requisites. Arcaṭa in his comments on the initial statement of the Hetubindu considers that the initial statement, which contains the purpose of the treatise, is useless in prompting people to undertake the activity of reading the treatise because judicious people are supposed to undertake action only due to certainty which never arises (...)
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