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    Answers to King Khosroes of Persia. Priscian - 2016 - New York: Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Edited by Pamela M. Huby.
    Priscian of Lydia was one of the Athenian philosophers who took refuge in 531 AD with King Khosroes I of Persia, after the Christian Emperor Justinian stopped the teaching of the pagan Neoplatonist school in Athens. This was one of the earliest examples of the sixth-century diffusion of the philosophy of the commentators to other cultures. Tantalisingly, Priscian fully recorded in Greek the answers provided by the Athenian philosophers to the king's questions on philosophy and science. But these answers survive (...)
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    On Theophrastus on sense-perception. Priscian & Simplicius - 1997 - Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell University Press. Edited by Pamela M. Huby, Carlos G. Steel, Peter Lautner, J. O. Urmson & Simplicius.
  3. Priscian: On Theophrastus’ on Sense-Perception; with “Simplicius”: On Aristotle’s on the Soul 2.5–12. Priscian - 1997