Ermolao Themistius [5] Themistius [4]Maximilian Themistius [2]M. C. Themistius [1]
Gérard Themistius [1]Hieronymus Themistius [1]H. Themistius [1]Marcus Antonius Themistius [1]

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  1. On Aristotle's on the Soul. Themistius - 1996 - Cornell University Press.
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    Orationes quae supersunt Vol. II.Gilbert Dagron, Themistius, H. Schenkl, G. Downey & A. F. Norman - 1973 - Journal of Hellenic Studies 93:237.
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  3. Eis Ton Autou Patera. Themistius - 1962 - Göttingen.
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