Aldo Corcella [3]A. Corcella [2]
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    A New Fragment of the Historian Theseus.Aldo Corcella - 1996 - Classical Quarterly 46 (1):261-266.
    In the collection of oracular responses included in Book 14 of the Palatine Anthology, the oracle which bears the number 77 is introduced by the lemma χρησμòς ν τος θησως βοις ναφερόμενος its text is as follows:The same oracle, with the same introductory formula, is also quoted as a scholium in the margin to the text of Herodotus 1.65.3 in the manuscript Flor. Laur. 70.3; first discovered by Jacob Gronovius, it can now be read in the editions of Stein, Rosen (...)
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    Erodoto E L'Analogia.Stephanie West & A. Corcella - 1986 - Journal of Hellenic Studies 106:209.
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    Echi del Romanzo e di Procopio di Gaza in Filagato Cerameo.Aldo Corcella - 2010 - Byzantinische Zeitschrift 103 (1):25-38.
    The real extension of Philagathus Cerameus' classical culture has been variously discussed. The homilies of this 12th century preacher from Southern Italy show a thorough knowledge of Heliodorus' Aethiopics . In hom. 24 Rossi Taibbi, on the other side, Philagathus appears to be drawing on Procopius of Gaza's Monody on Antioch, as is suggested by some fragments preserved in the lexicon περ συντάξεωζ. This confirms that he was especially acquainted with those ancient authors who were proposed as models in the (...)
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