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    Mathematical Intuitionism. Introduction to Proof Theory.A. G. Dragalin & E. Mendelson - 1990 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 55 (3):1308-1309.
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    On Problems of the Evolution of Logic.V. A. Bocharov, E. K. Voishvillo, A. G. Dragalin & V. A. Smirnov - 1980 - Russian Studies in Philosophy 18 (4):31-52.
    Logic today is a ramified discipline existing on many levels. It is actively pursued by philosophers, mathemeticians, and computer specialists. The reason is that it is widely employed to solve a number of problems both in the theory of knowledge and in mathematics and computer science. But the broad spectrum of application of contemporary logic does not change the fact that its basic content has the nature of philosophical methodology. In contemporary logic it is the forms of thought and the (...)
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    The collapse of the descriptive complexity of truth definitions. Completions of Heyting and Boolean algebras.A. G. Dragalin - 1991 - Bulletin of the Section of Logic 20 (3/4):94-95.
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    Matématičéskij Intuicionizm. Vvédénié v Téoriú Dokazatél'stv.A. G. Dragalin & D. Deutsch - 1990 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 55 (3):1309-1310.
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