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    Clinical Ethics Consultation in Europe: A Comparative and Ethical Review of the Role of Patients.V. Fournier, E. Rari, R. Forde, G. Neitzke, R. Pegoraro & A. J. Newson - 2009 - Clinical Ethics 4 (3):131-138.
    Clinical ethics has developed significantly in Europe over the past 15 years and remains an evolving process. While sharing our experiences in different European settings, we were surprised to discover marked differences in our practice, especially regarding the position and role of patients. In this paper, we describe these differences, such as patient access to and participation or representation in ethics consults. We propose reasons to explain these differences, hypothesizing that they relate to the historic and sociocultural context of implementation (...)
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    The Role of Patients in Clinical Ethics Support: A Snapshot of Practices and Attitudes in the United Kingdom.A. J. Newson - 2009 - Clinical Ethics 4 (3):139-145.
    Clinical ethics committees (CECs) in the United Kingdom (UK) have developed significantly over the past 15 years. The issue of access to and participation in clinical ethics consultation by patients and family members has, however, gone largely unrecognized. There are various dimensions to this kind of contact, including patient notification, consent and participation. This study reports the first specific investigation of patient contact with UK CECs. A questionnaire study was carried out with representatives from UK CECs. Results suggest that patient (...)
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    The Role of Patients in European Clinical Ethics Consultation.A. J. Newson, G. Neitzke & S. Reiter-Theil - 2009 - Clinical Ethics 4 (3):109-110.
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    Ethical Considerations for Choosing Between Possible Models for Using NIPD for Aneuploidy Detection.Z. Deans & A. J. Newson - 2012 - Journal of Medical Ethics 38 (10):614-618.
    Recent scientific advances mean the widespread introduction of non-invasive prenatal diagnosis (NIPD) for chromosomal aneuploidies may be close at hand, raising the question of how NIPD should be introduced as part of antenatal care pathways for pregnant women. In this paper, the authors examine the ethical implications of three hypothetical models for using NIPD for aneuploidy in state-funded healthcare systems and assess which model is ethically preferable. In comparing the models, the authors consider their respective timings; how each model would (...)
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    Artificial Gametes: New Paths to Parenthood?A. J. Newson - 2005 - Journal of Medical Ethics 31 (3):184-186.
    A number of recent papers have described the successful derivation of egg and sperm precursor cells from mouse embryonic stem cells—so-called “artificial” gametes. Although many scientific questions remain, this research suggests numerous new possibilities for stem cell research and assisted reproductive technology, if a similar breakthrough is achieved with human embryonic stem cells. The novel opportunities raised by artificial gametes also prompt new ethical questions, such as whether same-sex couples should be able to access this technology to have children who (...)
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    Clinical Ethics Committee Case 6: Our Patient Wishes to Take an Unlisted Drug Even Though We're Not Sure of His Diagnosis.A. J. Newson - 2009 - Clinical Ethics 4 (2):59-63.
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    Clinical Ethics Committee Case 9: Should We Inform Our Patient About Animal Products in His Medicine?A. J. Newson - 2010 - Clinical Ethics 5 (1):7-12.
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    Clinical Ethics Committee Case 8: Should We Carry Out a Predictive Genetic Test in Our Young Patient?A. J. Newson - 2009 - Clinical Ethics 4 (4):169-172.
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    Clinical Ethics Committee Case 5: Should We Discharge Our Vulnerable Patient to a Family Who Seem Unable to Look After Her?A. J. Newson - 2009 - Clinical Ethics 4 (1):6-11.
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    From Chance to Choice: Genetics and Justice: A Buchanan, D W Brock, N Daniels, Et Al. Cambridge University Press, 2000, Pound17.95, $US29.95, Pp 398. ISBN 0521660017. [REVIEW]A. J. Newson - 2002 - Journal of Medical Ethics 28 (1):60-60.
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    Clinical Ethics Committee Case 16: A Request From an Accident and Emergency Department - Should We Give Our Patient a Blood Transfusion?A. J. Newson - 2011 - Clinical Ethics 6 (4):154-158.
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    Clinical Ethics Committee Case 17: A Paramedic Sustains a Bite While Attending a Callout and the Assailant Refuses Testing for HIV or Hepatitis C: What Should We Do?A. J. Newson - 2012 - Clinical Ethics 7 (1):1-6.
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    From Chance to Choice (Book).A. J. Newson - 2002 - Journal of Medical Ethics 28 (1):60.
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    Clinical Ethics Committee Case 7: Our Young Patient is in Heart Failure but has Multiple Co-Morbidities. How Can We Best Care for Him and His Family?A. J. Newson - 2009 - Clinical Ethics 4 (3):111-115.