1.  3
    Evaluation of Ethical Reflections in Community Healthcare: A Mixed-Methods Study.U. Soderhamn, H. T. Kjostvedt & A. Slettebo - 2015 - Nursing Ethics 22 (2):194-204.
  2.  22
    In Quest of Justice? Clinical Prioritisation in Healthcare for the Aged.R. Pedersen, P. Nortvedt, M. Nordhaug, A. Slettebo, K. H. Grothe, M. Kirkevold, B. S. Brinchmann & B. Andersen - 2008 - Journal of Medical Ethics 34 (4):230-235.
    Background: A fair distribution of healthcare services for older patients is an important challenge, but qualitative research exploring clinicians’ consideration in daily clinical prioritisation in healthcare services for the aged is scarce.Objectives: To explore what kind of criteria, values, and other relevant considerations are important in clinical prioritisations in healthcare services for older patients.Design: A semi-structured interview-guide was used to interview 45 clinicians working with older patients. The interviews were analysed qualitatively using hermeneutical content analysis and template organising style.Participants: 20 (...)
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    The Meaning of Dignity in Nursing Home Care as Seen by Relatives.A. Rehnsfeldt, L. Lindwall, V. Lohne, B. Lillesto, A. Slettebo, A. K. T. Heggestad, T. Aasgaard, M. -B. Raholm, S. Caspari, B. Hoy, B. Saeteren & D. Naden - 2014 - Nursing Ethics 21 (5):507-517.
  4.  10
    Priority Dilemmas in Dialysis: The Impact of Old Age.K. Halvorsen, A. Slettebo, P. Nortvedt, R. Pedersen, M. Kirkevold, M. Nordhaug & B. S. Brinchmann - 2008 - Journal of Medical Ethics 34 (8):585-589.
    Aim: This study explores priority dilemmas in dialysis treatment and care offered elderly patients within the Norwegian public healthcare system.Background: Inadequate healthcare due to advanced age is frequently reported in Norway. The Norwegian guidelines for healthcare priorities state that age alone is not a relevant criterion. However, chronological age, if it affects the risk or effect of medical treatment, can be a legitimate criterion.Method: A qualitative approach is used. Data were collected through semistructured interviews and analysed through hermeneutical content analysis. (...)
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    The Importance of Moral Sensitivity When Including Persons with Dementia in Qualitative Research.A. K. T. Heggestad, P. Nortvedt & A. Slettebo - 2013 - Nursing Ethics 20 (1):0969733012455564.
    The aim of this article is to show the importance of moral sensitivity when including persons with dementia in research. The article presents and discusses ethical challenges encountered when a total of 15 persons with dementia from two nursing homes and seven proxies were included in a qualitative study. The examples show that the ethical challenges may be unpredictable. As researchers, you participate with the informants in their daily life and in the interviews, and it is not possible to plan (...)
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    Ethical Challenges in Care for Older Patients Who Resist Help.K. Brodtkorb, A. V.-S. Skisland, A. Slettebo & R. Skaar - 2015 - Nursing Ethics 22 (6):631-641.
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