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    Aaron Schurger & Shlomi Sher (2008). Awareness, Loss Aversion, and Post-Decision Wagering. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 12 (6):209-210.
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    Aaron Schurger, Myrto Mylopoulos & David Rosenthal (2016). Neural Antecedents of Spontaneous Voluntary Movement: A New Perspective. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 20 (2):77-79.
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    Aaron Schurger & Sebo Uithol (2015). Nowhere and Everywhere: The Causal Origin of Voluntary Action. Review of Philosophy and Psychology 6 (4):761-778.
    The idea that intentions make the difference between voluntary and non-voluntary behaviors is simple and intuitive. At the same time, we lack an understanding of how voluntary actions actually come about, and the unquestioned appeal to intentions as discrete causes of actions offers little if anything in the way of an answer. We cite evidence suggesting that the origin of actions varies depending on context and effector, and argue that actions emerge from a causal web in the brain, rather than (...)
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    Aaron Schurger, Alan Cowey & Catherine Tallon-Baudry (2006). Induced Gamma-Band Oscillations Correlate with Awareness in Hemianopic Patient GY. Neuropsychologia 44 (10):1796-1803.
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