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Adam Tucker
University of York
  1.  51
    The Limits of Razian Authority.Adam Tucker - 2012 - Res Publica 18 (3):225-240.
    It is common to encounter the criticism that Joseph Raz’s service conception of authority is flawed because it appears to justify too much. This essay examines the extent to which the service conception accommodates this critique. Two variants of this critical strategy are considered. The first, exemplified by Kenneth Einar Himma, alleges that the service conception fails to conceptualize substantive limits on the legitimate exercise of authority. This variant fails; Raz has elucidated substantive limits on jurisdiction within the service conception (...)
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    Uncertainty in the Rule of Recognition and in the Doctrine of Parliamentary Sovereignty.Adam Tucker - 2011 - Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 31 (1):61-88.
    This article presents an account of the contours of Parliament’s law-making powers including an explanation of their limits and how those limits arise. The argument is based on HLA Hart’s claim that legal validity ultimately depends on the requirements of a social rule, the ultimate rule of recognition, that binds the officials of a legal system to enforce laws that conform to certain criteria. Section 2 outlines the way in which rules of recognition can be indeterminate and argues that the (...)
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    Parliamentary Sovereignty and the Ingenuity of the Human Rights Act: A Review of Aileen Kavanagh's Constitutional Review Under the UK Human Rights Act by Adam Tucker. [REVIEW]Adam Tucker - 2012 - Jurisprudence 3 (1):307-318.
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